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† Judaism † – Your will is important!

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† Judaism † - Your will is important!

† Judaism † - Your will is important!

We live in a time when betrayal, lying, fornication, and even murder are the order of the day. In other words, we live in a time when money is worshiped, not God.

Money is available, but it does not put pressure on another person, such as the poor, the spouse, and, above all, the self; His eyes were blinded by the veil of silver and he could not see them.

For a person who professes to be a “Christian”, what is more important in his life than putting money before God, and what is more important than betraying God? If so, this is a good time for true Christians. As we have seen, the more trials we endure, the more patient we will be with God, and the greater the reward.

Who wins without running? Who can win the crown without victory? How can a woman’s profession be known without the winter (rain) and the goodness of a house without a guest?


From my personal point of view, it is not the heresy that tempts the church today; Nor the increase of the nations; It is not the punishment of apostates.

The greatest challenge for the church today is worldliness. When there are too many people who love the world, the Church will be tested more than anything else. Materialism is a manifestation of materialism, not of spirituality.

When Judaism (love of silver) abounds more than Christ, we are undoubtedly turning our souls into the dinner of hell.
Brothers and sisters! Let us keep our souls from being snatched away by this wolf. May the goodness of God, the intercession of the Virgin Mary, and the help of the holy angels do not separate us.

Amen !!!

Your will is important!

Usually, “what should I do?” When it comes to starting something right or stopping something wrong. People who talk to each other and consult someone else are divided into three.

  1. Those who do not know the true way
  2. They lost the ability to know the true way
  3. Loss of consent while knowing the true path and having the capacity

One day those who do not know the true way will be shown the truth and they will find a solution.

One day they will find a way out and find a solution.

No one can do anything for them unless they know the true way and have the potential to do so, unless they bring about a radical change in their attitude.

You will not be able to keep track of what you do not want. You will never find what you are looking for.

Country and car

Hello everyone, but I would like to share with you a game played by an elder who said that the country is a car.

The elders are the ones who have the knowledge and the age. Their hair looked like cotton that a professional woman had duplicated. They must be happy to see you. When they talk to you, you look at them as if you were a football fan.

The old man was sitting next to me in the car, and as we were walking along, they cleared their throats and said, “My son, have you ever compared the country and the car?” I have such an amazing talk.

“Absolutely not!” I told them. “My son, how many seats does this car have?” They told me. I quickly said, “Dad, this is obvious. There is one seat for the driver and sixty seats for the passenger. In all, sixty-one. ” The elder continued: “Well, how many people have been punished? How many people are standing? ” They told me.

“Sixty-one of us are sitting and thirty are standing,” I said, turning to look at those standing. “You see, my son, the country and the car are united! Comfortably seated in this car: Uncomfortable: There are those who are comfortable and those who are uncomfortable.

You do not see much suffering in some standing. Some stop to relax, and some sleep on the couch.

Doesn’t anyone in the country sit in a comfortable chair and make others uncomfortable? The chair was the same for everyone, but the one already seated will take it.

You and I are seated, and we feel comfortable standing there. It’s so wrong! At home one person is satisfied and the other seems satisfied. ” “Dad, you look good.

You are right. Wise Solomon grew up in a comfortable environment.

They answered that he was hungry, and that he was hungry. is there. Later, when he tasted it, they said that he was hungry. Now I remember when they said that. ”

“As you said, a person who does not know hunger does not seem to be hungry. It’s just like me and you. We did not consider those who stood still because we were seated.

When one nation is happy, another is disappointed; When a country is in turmoil, another is embarrassed; When one nation sits on it, the other stands up; When one nation is overthrown, another is imprisoned; When one country is devoured, another is hungry; One country is given one hectare of land, while the other has no place to bury.

Well, how many doors does this car have? ” They told me. I counted the doors and said, “Three!” I told them. “You see! How much is the driver? Is it not one? ” They told me.

I wondered how many drivers there could be for one car and said, “It’s one. We have a total of ninety passengers and sixty seats. ” “so good! That’s why I say country and car are one.

Someone enters through a door and leaves. Ninety people, however, pushed through two doors and left.

Haven’t you noticed? One driver at one door and ninety passengers at two doors. The country is the same, the official is going abroad to study and have fun.

But just like me and you, we can’t go outside to study and have fun, and we can’t watch what is going on outside.

You and I were embarrassed that we had not received a month’s salary.

An official demolishes a building, but you and I cannot get organized. You don’t understand that country and car are one. ”

“I understand now, but so far I have not considered it.” I told them.

“What makes a country different from a car? You are clearly seeing it in action! They said, “Let one sit and let the other stand.”

We talked a lot, but I will come down here and make peace for you. ” I continued on my way, appreciating the elder’s words.

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