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πŸ“šπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή You are what you think! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΉπŸ“š

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It is not uncommon for grains to be given to grains of gold. He who gives grain, he who gives gold, he gives gold. When a good thing happens, I have a friend who says, β€œIt's my grandmother's blessing.”
You are what you think!

β€œWhy We Hate What We Hate and What We Fear Will Inherit”

                         It blossomed in the morning!

It is a well-known fact that in the world of physical science, opposites are attracted. On the other hand, in the psychological world, there is a similar tendency.

It simply means: “What we get out of our lives is what we think, what we live, what we think, what we wish to be.”

In a single day, thousands of thoughts flow into our minds. The balance of these ideas is the cause of our lives.

I mean, we’re going to be the ones who think the most. Occasionally, our thoughts are a dream come true.

Whether we like it or not, our life is a reflection of our thinking; What we see outside is a reflection of what we do not see.

“What goes around comes around?” It means that something gone is bound to return.

Thoughts have power; It has energy. When it springs from within us, it is likely to come in handy when it comes to appearing to others and being self-centered.

That is why sometimes people become weak and sick only because of fear and anxiety. That is why happiness alone brightens our faces like the moon. An unrealistic idea becomes part of the material.

The only difference between an idea and an object is that it is real and that it is not real. If you compare it to a computer, the idea is “operating software”; Materials are “hardware.”

The computer is run by the software. Everything we do on the computer is the result of what we put into the computer.

“Garbage in garbage out.” When good things come to life, bad thoughts come to you.

It is not uncommon for grains to be given to grains of gold. He who gives grain, he who gives gold, he gives gold. When a good thing happens, I have a friend who says, β€œIt’s my grandmother’s blessing.”

He was a good boy. The good things that happen now are the result of that good childhood. The key to this idea is that his upbringing really has a positive impact. At least I can testify to that.

Thoughts and thoughts, thoughts and hypotheses, as well as thoughts that we think about over and over again, come into our lives in one form or another.

Think of something you call bad luck. It could be unemployment, separation from a loved one, and so on.

When you take the starting point of the event and take a closer look at the situation from one end to the other, you will find that it is an event that you have already imagined, that you are moving in a dangerous way, that you suspect, and so on.

This is what it means to say, “Those who are afraid will come and those who hate will inherit.”

Fear and anger grips us when great trials come our way. Of course, this is natural.

But when we are faced with a temptation, the way we look at it can cause us to give in to temptation or to get up above the clouds.

The persistent thought of “I told you so, even in the past, believing in someone, etc.” begets the same thoughts over and over again.

When we are happy, it is only natural. We see everything through the lens of pink; We will be good to everyone we meet, Our love grows; We are grateful, We may be confused as to why people are upset.

I have already told you that ideas are powerful. Of course, I am not saying that we should always be the only ones who are responsible for what is good and what is bad in our lives.

There are things that we can do without permission, that we may encounter, that we may go through, and so on.
When you see a small hole in the ground where you can see yourself in a state of despair, depressed, and afraid, you are afraid to be awakened, and your strength grows.

In time, you will return to the good old days. Now you have a clear idea of ​​what you can do. The options available to you will be highlighted.

You begin to say, “I can do this.” You may say, “What has happened to me that I have never seen before?” It is your negative thinking that has touched and overshadowed you.

Negative thoughts were blocking your way. But when you start thinking positively, you will find out what you can do.

It is not because something special has come to you, but because your mind has been blown away. It is a positive attitude. You will find that when you change your mind, you begin to change your mind.

If we all think about where we came from, most of our successes and failures are directly or indirectly related to our attitude.

There is an Internet concept called “Stickiness”. It is an idea of ​​how often a website is visited by visitors.

There are people in this world who have good things to do in their lives (a friend says she will come to my office with a piece of paper), and happiness will never fade from their faces, and they will love them without exception.

He once said, β€œWhat is wrong with him? What moved her? Is that so? ” It’s like asking why people visit this site more than anyone else.

The attractiveness of these people is tied to their thinking. They think that man is good, They trust in themselves, They are sincere and cooperative; They often say that it is possible rather than impossible; In short, most of the ideas in a typical day are good.

So good things will come to them; They are a magnet for good; The positive thoughts that come from within them bring good things back into their lives.

I wish the future to be a time of greater prosperity for all.

πŸ™ Good eveningπŸ™

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