July 24, 2021



πŸ“š πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή Behind the clothes! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή πŸ“š

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I was so shocked that the water I drank told me … "5000 Birr for human hair ?? "What's the matter, everyone? You're just as smart as you are."
πŸ“š πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή Behind the clothes! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή πŸ“š

πŸ“š πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή Behind the clothes! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή πŸ“š

“You haven’t given me a comment yet, don’t you like Jordan?” Alicia is touching her hair … (Artificial side)

“It’s beautiful … how much did you buy it?”
“5000 birr is not much in terms of beauty.”

I was so shocked that the water I drank told me … “5000 Birr for human hair ??
“What’s the matter, everyone? You’re just as smart as you are.”

“It’s nice, but I have no doubt that you learned the big difference between being greedy and saving while you’re elementary … and I won’t try to explain it to you.”

“You never miss an answer … Anyway, is that your boyfriend still safe?” She started …

“His name is interesting! Thank you for asking me anyway.”
“Whether you have a name or not, the boot is the same … Anyway!”

“I beg you, you know how you talk about her face. I love her. I don’t feel comfortable staring at her!” Sheba is my dear friend whom I love and respect; But I also hate this idea! She likes to rate people …

I repeatedly told her to stop, but she refused to listen.

“Jordi, don’t be upset. I’m upset that a bad girl like you is falling for a brandless boy here.”

You deserve better than this! ”She starts to get angry …

She showed me that she cared for me and cared for me in my time of need, but what you want me to think in her head is boiling my blood!

She believes that everyone should think like Sheba … She never wants to admit her mistake.

“Interestingly, I’ve told you over and over again … I love him, not his clothes! Wait, what will her dress do for me?”

“What would anyone say to you when you went with her?

Later, the sword is for you … Sheba did not warn me so that she would not see me … I advise you as a friend. “

“If you have a heart, why don’t you put your face like this? If you say a word, you will put your tongue in your mouth with his mature knowledge, but you know I don’t like arguments.
You’re just constantly teasing me.

“When we meet, she has no other choice but to dress … But if he is with us, she will sit with her mouth closed as he shows her a little bit of his intelligence.

“I think I’m crazy because I thought I was crazy with him when I answered him. Do you think I know the truth and I don’t know the answer?”

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. ”I mean, I’m on the wrong side … She’s trying to escape reality.

“But I’m really sorry for you. It’s really …”
“You are the one who falls in love with a man who is at war with himself … Do you obey me for what I am, but for yourself?” “She’s like a human being,” said my aunt … “

Is this statement appropriate for me?

“When you choose a man while looking at the outward beauty, you are left standing. The Creator does not give everything to mankind …

When you meet a good person, his clothes are disgusting. When you find the type of man you want, you will find someone like you who is a gambler.

So what is your end? How long will you live like this? What will beauty, energy, and time do for you tomorrow?

You spend 75% of your salary on clothes and makeup and the rest on transportation …

You make fun of your life by saying that you are not married to a man who is not stylish and without a car.

I’m really worried about you! “I just dared to tell her the truth today.

I really don’t know where this thought is going to take her.

I don’t know how to tell her that the principles of life that we think are simple and that we don’t think will get me in trouble will leave an indelible scar on us ….

“I would rather be alone with a philosopher like you, and spend more time with men and women than with men,” she said. I did not dare say a word. I left her and fled in silence …

I’m pretty sure she’ll regret it tomorrow if she doesn’t listen to me today, but I have no power to try to get her back on her head and show her human identity behind the nakedness that covers her. But since she is my best friend, it is my constant prayer that she will come back to me sooner rather than later.

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