July 23, 2021



5 Hidden & Unrecognized Things About VLC Media Player !!

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Hidden Things About VLC Media Player !
Hidden Things About VLC Media Player !!
  1. Design your computer desktop

It can be used as a screen recorder to create a computer desktop. To do this, open VLC, tap the Convert / Save button, select the Capture Device tab, and select the Desktop option from the list in the Capture mode box. From the desired frame rate for the capture, you can set the Retail 15 or 30 for a quick move.

  1. Convert Video file format or content Convert Video

Select the Media menu, select Convert / Save from the list and select Add to File tab to import the desired video file and convert it to the desired file format.

  1. Play and Download YouTube Videos (Safely) Download YouTube Videos

This means that instead of downloading the YouTube video directly, you can copy the YouTube link first and open the Open Network Stream in File on VLC.
To download this video, click on the Download Tools menu, click on the Codec Information box, copy and paste the link in the Location box, and click on the browser Chrome or Mozilla to start playing the video. Right-click. You can then Save Video As on your computer.

  1. Download or download music from CD or DVD

Ripping is the process of copying music from a CD or DVD to your computer. It can be done.

  1. The ability to subscribe to Podcasts (Subscribe to Podcasts)

Podcasts is a service for those who have subscribed to digital audio files, so that you can download and listen to them. Click to view Playlist Next, click on the Podcasts and click the “+” sign to enter the desired link. For example, there are songs like This American Life, TED Radio Hour or you can click on this link to listen to music.
The following are just a few of the things that VLC has to offer.

Share in the comments the secrets you know for today.

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