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A man put off his cloth in parliament

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A man put off his cloth in parliament

A man put off his cloth in parliament

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do that, but I always wonder how it feels to express emotions at this stage.

“In Mexico: During a parliamentary debate, a member of parliament stripped himself of all his clothes (except his underwear).

He said to the parliament: ‘You are ashamed to see me naked; You people who have plundered all their money and possessions, barefoot on the streets,

But you are not ashamed when they are naked in hopelessness, unemployment, poverty … ‘
“What a brave man he is? If so, that’s it!”

What is politics?
Politics is art. To be a politician requires to be wise.

The musician controls the human ear with the sound that accompanies the throat of a musical instrument. Brothers and sisters, in the language of sexual orientation, control the heart of the opposite sex.

Investors attract labor, scholars attract knowledge. Considering these and similar earthly characteristics, politicians rule, govern, and lead.

    Politics is a formula. Politics is gambling. It reads, studies, sympathizes, fights, eats, eats, kills, etc., all of the above characteristics of the earth.

This calculation is carefully researched and formulated to provide the desired solution. Just as the wrong formula does not provide the right solution; Wrong politics does not answer the people’s questions, it does not protect the country’s security in the long run, and it can be a cancer for politics.

He regularly presents the tomb of a politician who has not verified the accuracy of the formula.

So before you decide on the rules of the game, think 100 times, not 10 times; Make the final decision.

   Politics is a science. There are always new discoveries, so it requires research. Politics is not a principle.

Politics is not a sacrifice for love. Politics is a modern tool.

Ancient Science …… Politics !!
It is common to look at countries as mothers. For example, motherland Ethiopia. Politicians are fathers.

They love like a father, they feed like a father, they get angry like a father, they punish like a father, and like a father they solve problems in secret.

Her mother’s favor is her father’s. Her father’s beauty is her mother’s. So we need to love politics, respect politicians, and build a generation that knows and loves politics.

We must be careful because insulting, denigrating and disrespecting politicians is a loss of favor and beauty !!

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