September 23, 2021



A network was set up to expose hate messages on social media

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Hate Speech

Hate Speech

A network was set up to track down individuals and the media who spread hate speech and shut down social media.
This anti-hate messages monitoring network set up by Ethiopians abroad; It prosecutes racist and hateful messages spread by Ethiopians around the world and closes social media.

Former leader of the Ginbot 7 Movement, Neamon Zeleke, one of the founders of the network; He said the monitoring committee is headed by individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in the use of law, diplomacy, information technology and social media.
The network is said to include academics, politicians, activists, and civic institutions based in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
The network was set up to crack down on individuals, the media, and other institutional organizations, primarily to spread hate speech. It also aims to save Ethiopia from unrest.
The network also said it intends to shut down media outlets that claim to be working to incite genocide.
In connection with the assassination of Hachalu Hundesan, the mobile data internet, which has been shut down for the past three weeks, has been in operation since yesterday.

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