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A proud Mouse and An Obedient Camel

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A proud mouse and an obedient camel

A proud mouse and an obedient camel

Even though it was raining, the rich housekeeper watered the lawn with tap water so that he would not be called “idle.”
In the past, the big poor didn’t like the little poor. The masters thought that they would be safe and secure because they had a long wall and an electric fence. Embellished with expensive wool and embroidered, they look majestic. He, on the other hand, felt better and could say “no” because he had something to ask for. We are everywhere. We don’t even sign up for signatures to pretend to be diligent “bees”.
She… When poverty drives her education and childhood love to an Arab country, she works until her waist is wrapped around her waist… At the age of 40, she looks up in shock … She looks around and sees the gray strands of hair between her hair… Her childhood love has become the father of children. She was spotted sitting on a rock in a village and spinning her hair through Facebook. She added a loan to what she had been earning for years: “She paid the full price and got married in a luxurious wedding.” Drink. He danced. It was said, ‘It’s over.’ The enemy came out. We squirted whiskey with Ambo water to disperse the cut meat we ate.
You ላይ early June! Like a giraffe, it grows into a bird’s nest without looking at the seedlings. Yes, it was planted by a bird, Grisa. You will be waiting for a 30-minute taxi for two kilometers on November 11! You run 10 kilometers.
Fearing the 80 birr charcoal brought to him by a relative of the provincial driver, he paid a 200 birr Lada taxi and drove to the new market in Kality. In 1989, he went to a restaurant with an annual salary and paid 700 birr for a dinner. When the tea-making process is over, the waiter says, “It’s over,” and the waiter never packs a bag of tea leaves with hot water.
After drinking the water, he wrapped it in plastic wrap.
He locks the phone without a secret… He twists like a Dessie road without opening his finger. He locks the house without stealing. He locks the living room and walks around the yard. He does the cat’s job by kicking the stray cat…
She ግ shakes off the onion and cabbage she bought from Gulut, folds the festo and says, ‘One day it will be enough’ ለች She hires a worker for 500 birr with a salary of 2,000 birr. She strokes her hair with a cauliflower and tries to straighten her forehead with a poetic eyebrow. She needs no other hole in the ear, but she pierces her ears for earrings.
I… An unknown source hacked Wifi came to my desk… I said it would be ‘cruel’ if I pushed him without using it… I wrote this to you…
Hello, how are you?

“How can this be? How do you get up and say, ‘I’m going to break up’? ”
Shut up!
He was confused – he thought it was me, he just tied it up and sat down.
“Love, what have I done to you? Please let me know if I have offended you ”
She knew in that look that it was more than just a conversation between two people. He did not notice. He was always with her, and the world was so busy with her and her orbits – she had no place to worry about people or gossip.
“Should we separate?” He says with a loud voice over and over again. If the answer is no, he suspects that something is wrong with him.
“It’s getting late; We can’t find a taxi, ”she said, seeing his eyes bleed
When they left the cafeteria where they were sitting, He held her hand tightly. The demon threatened her and grabbed her in a hurry, threatening to take her to an unknown location.
He had a fight with himself. “What’s better?”
She consulted with herself, “How can he not leave me in anger, why does he not insult me?”
She did not bother to take a taxi as she was worried. He walked from the new market to his house, talking about his idea.
Her fiancé made all the furniture. He never thought he was poor. Even if you think he is poor – not because he is poor, but because he is not comfortable crying; As a result, she was forced to separate.
A message came on her phone:
“Do you understand my honey? Can I call you? ” (Doubts that she arrived safely from her front door to her bedroom)
“I want to rest!” – She shortened it
“Okay, my dear, I’ll call you in the morning.”
“I’ll call you myself. have a good night”
Good night. She did not call. Grandma went to work – she is fine. He did not want to disturb her.
She did not call in the evening.
If she calls when she says, “I’ll call myself,” she knows the following rush: – – She’s angry.
Three days – one week – two weeks – one month.
One day when she was out of work, she hired him.
“But you are cruel,” she said
Confused and silent – (Why did she abuse me so much?)
“Are you going to stay there for a joke?”
“Are you saying that Mama (she prefers not to call her that; she feels nauseous) and that we are not separated?” He didn’t answer. He took her cheeks with both hands and kissed her lips.
She wondered how quickly he got up from the chair and approached her. He left her lips – her cheeks – her nose – her forehead – her eyes – her hair.
Greed hurts her – even though she is proud of being around so many people.
Life goes on.
She hires him another day.
“I Want to Get Married”
He is confused. They never talked about getting married.
One Sunday he arrived home, She sent him a wedding invitation in a sealed envelope.
“What good is this crazy girl? Is everything just a joke? ” He talked to himself, smiling.
He called her in the evening. She was confused about whether he would call or not at home all day.
The phone rang when she was worried he might not take any action.
“Congratulations, my bride,” she said, laughing. . .
“I’ll meet you another day,” she said. Anger preceded her because she considered his appointment to be a failure. They only met at her appointment. She apologized for not coming in for a long time and apologized for not coming.
“He wonders how soft she is.
He called on the morning of the wedding (on the thirteenth day of the invitation)
She picked up the phone and told her younger sister that she was having an affair.
“Is this true?” – He called her to make her laugh, “My madman, today is not your wedding day.” He is confused now.
“You’re not ashamed of this madman. You’re going to make me laugh when I’m so confused.” . . ”
He came out wearing one of his usual costumes for an appointment and for a party.
When she got home, more than a dozen cars – decorated with flowers and flowers – were dancing.
“I woke her up too.” He looked down at his clothes and body. The black shining sandals on his feet were dusty. He quickly pulled the towel out of his pocket and threw it away.
Like the beautiful days when he forgets man and the world outside of Sunnah – today, in the midst of all these wonders, the idea is to somehow get in the way and talk about her madness and her jokes.
Entering the compound: On the large white balcony, the “funny bridegroom” was breaking cakes with another bride;
They broke the cake – they had a drink in front of them – they kissed their family’s knees – they left the yard shouting.
She greeted him with a smile and a hint of distinction.
He laughed. “Is this madman just joking?” He knows her smile (it’s kind of funny).
He got into one of the escorts and followed her;
He followed her, laughing at the bridegroom and the bridesmaids.
Near the large courtyard, where the bridegroom did not know where she was going, the cars stopped, and all the bridesmaids came down, and the shouts became louder.
(And why did she bring me here, was it rented for our honeymoon?)
“The bride is accustomed – she chooses her husband over her mother and her father.”
“What? She obviously chose me as her husband. ”
Now the bride does not see him – he believes he has caught her eye, so he goes to the lamp in front of her and shines.
She said something with her eyes – she is not smiling now.
“Understand,” she said, “turn around and watch over me.” He walked out of the courtyard and waited for her.
By midnight most of the bridesmaids had dispersed – she had not arrived.
Tomorrow – she did not come.
She did not go out at night.
Day 3 – The yard is cold.
Vehicles leaving the house had black windows, so he could not tell who was leaving.
Day four: Fear of the compound also warns the security guard to stay away.
I didn’t hear it. He said, “She will miss me when she leaves.”
On the sixth day, they took him by surprise, saying, “The officer has been arrested.”

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