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Akordat does not play the city without fire.

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Love is suicide in the soul you love.

Love is suicide in the soul you love.

Our country has been bleeding Ethiopia from the north for centuries.
Akordat is the capital of Eritrea’s Barka Province, and in 1967-1973, a fierce battle broke out between the Egyptians (backed by Prof. Kamal Abdul Nasser) and the Western Jebha rebels in western Eritrea.
The battle broke out between the government and the Jebha in the air and on the ground. The city was in a state of disarray. Beautiful buildings were demolished, railway stations were demolished, and gas stations were demolished. Perhaps the city of Aleppo, Syria, could be a “museum” of war.

  • The TPLF leaders who did not see this are threatening us with a solution to the Tigray war.
    In the city of Akordat, a fort was dug in every courtyard of the house to escape the plane bombing. During the day, people used to go in there. It is a fact that has been witnessed by eyewitnesses.
  • Why did Tingeng know the scars of war and want a war?
    The reasons are as follows:
  1. She will hide behind her political losses (because she does not care about the massacre of the people of Tigray and she wants to escape the rest of her life from accountability).
  2. The government has diverted its development activities from 2013 to a protracted war by undermining the economy, political and social capacity, and discouraging the Ethiopian people from change.
    To mobilize the Ethiopian people against its leaders (for this, its allies in foreign / Western / security networks
    They are working on an issue related to Egypt.
  3. This conspiracy has been started to divide our army from the country.
  4. To disrupt the 6th general election next May or June and to plunge the country into a conspiracy with extremists.
  5. To cover up its political losses by spreading propaganda and distorting the federal government’s optimism by pretending that the people of Tigray have been marginalized because it cannot separate Tigray and govern it as a country with its budget and other things.
    With this conspiracy, hundreds of thousands of Tigrayan youths went to war, declaring it a liberation struggle in order to change the people’s development demand.
  6. The TPLF’s long-term goal of establishing a Tigrayan Tigrean government with Eritrea is to achieve its long-term goal by seizing Isaiah Afewerk from Eritrea and seizing the Amhara lands, which it has illegally invaded in Tigray.
  • The federal government should respond to this.
    It is better for the federal government to abandon this call for war without falling into the trap of this and other TPLF conspiracies. He must wisely deal with the noise and the threats.
    (now TPLF is incercled)
    So there are many other options that need to be strengthened.
    2013 should not be the year when we accept the TPLF conspiracy and go to war and repeat the destruction of the second brotherhood of the people of Tigray.

“Love is suicide in the soul you love.”

For many of us, the “secret” love is one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of human life, but very few have ever considered it. The origin and growth of love has been presented and admired in a wonderful literary way in every human life.

Love is written in the pen of great writers, it is written in great dramas, it is sung by poets ….. but what is love?
Dared to write or say “I got an answer”

A man falls in love with a woman This is a common occurrence in human life.
“Let’s take love as the milk that flows from the breast of life,” said Hugh, who witnessed the power of love.

People in the philosophical realm agree. Just as a baby looks at its mother’s breast, so does the beauty of a young woman. But it is also difficult to attribute her beauty to her love.

because of :

  • More beautiful and love love
  • Because love creates beauty.

We love each other as much as we do. When we look back at the times when we seem to have found our true love, we look back and realize that we were wrong.

Let’s try to see love from the perspective of Baghwan Sri Rajnash (Osho).

In his book No Water, No Moon, Osho describes love as follows:

“Many people have lost the distinction between love and friendship and wander the streets. They look the same but they are not the same. They are similar but not really the same.

In fact, hatred is more like love than friendship.
Hate is the opposite – friendship hides the reality of hate and takes the form of love.
But he is killing love.
Possessiveness is not poisonous. If you do this well, let’s move on to the next issue … “

“For many, this is not the case for you because they are confused by the difference between love and relationships.
I have seen friendships and personalities as love, especially among those who have lived on the outside.
In this way, they lost the real thing

“The desire to make a person private is a false love. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.”
There is no lie in hatred.
Moreover, hatred can one day be turned into love.
Mankind’s desire for privacy, however, can never turn into love.

“Love is killing yourself in the soul of the person you love.”
Love is death.
You will die as deeply as you can, and you will die in the soul of the woman you love.
Every day you go to the depths of her soul. Love is the eternal journey of the soul of the woman you love.
The journey is unstoppable.
When a woman falls in love with you, she is worth more than you.
Love is unconditional attraction.
Because it is a condition of attraction. Because it is a condition of attraction. Because if we set certain conditions, it means that you value yourself more than the person you love.

When you see yourself as the most important thing in love, you become the object of your love, the object of your desire, the object of your admiration.
Love tells you to start with the end, but the end will not end.
You will be dissolved in the lover and you will perish.
It is a process and event of death.

That is why people are afraid of love.
You can talk about love, you can sing, but if your heart is examined, it is full of fear of love.

“Every song you sing about love is a substitute for love, not love in itself, in short, without loving what you love.”
Love is the most important thing you can do without.
If your love is not real, you need a replacement.
His replacement may be a desire, at least to make you feel that you are in love.
Even your false love can make you happy.
Sooner or later, you will likely find that it is a lie. Then you cannot turn your false love into true love.
The only thing you can do is change the person you “love.”

“These are the two ways. If you realize that your love is false, you can change yourself. You will leave this false love and enter into true love.”

Here are two ways to do this: You can change yourself when you realize that your love is false. You will leave this false love and enter into true love.

The second way is to change the woman you love. In this way your mind works, not as if you were deceived, but because you were deceived.
“Even if you know there is no problem with the person you love, you are afraid to fall in love. Love frightens you like death.
If you fear death, you will be afraid of love.
Only your flesh will die in death. But your identity remains intact.
Your mind, which has always been important to you, will take you to another life.
But your inner self does not change. Death only changes your top layer.
“So death is not so deep. So if you are afraid of death, how can you have the courage to fall in love?
Because in love you die not only in your upper body but also in your body.
The fear of death became the fear of love, and the fear of love brought the fear of deep thought or prayer. These three things are the same: death, fear, and deep thought.
If you have never been in love, you can’t pray and you can’t meditate.
If you have never been in love or in deep thought, then you do not know the beautiful experience of death. “

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