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Anemia associated with pregnancy.

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Anemia associated with pregnancy

Anemia associated with pregnancy

Anemia associated with pregnancy

Anemia is an abnormal red blood cell count, one of the most common complications of pregnancy. Anemia is caused by a deficiency of iron, folate and vitamin B12, which prevents the body from getting enough oxygen to the body and to the fetus during pregnancy. In addition to mineral deficiencies, excessive bleeding during pregnancy and childbirth also increases the risk.

👉👉 # Symptoms
📌 White skin and lips
📌 Fatigue and weakness
ስሜት Feeling dizzy
ጠር Shortness of breath
📌 Heart rate
አለመ Inability to understand things

👉👉 #Who attacks

Most pregnant women suffer from a red blood cell deficiency. However, the reduction can be encouraged

ከተ If twins and more are pregnant
የምግብ If there is a problem with food retention during pregnancy (vomiting)
ከሌ If the next pregnancy is short (less distance)
ማር Pregnancy in childhood
ካልተ If you do not get enough food rich in iron, folate and vitamin B12
ከ If there was a problem before pregnancy

👉👉 # Treatment

📌 Red blood cell counts can lead to premature births, blood transfusions, and postpartum depression, which can lead to stunted growth in the fetus and low red blood cell count. To this end, you will have a blood test from your first prenatal appointment. Your first result is good, but you will have more symptoms at your next prenatal appointment while your symptoms appear.
ካለ If you have low red blood cell counts, you will be given a pill containing folic acid and iron. You should also eat foods that are naturally rich in iron, folate and vitamin B12. Read the information on Pregnancy Diet for more information. But if you neglect to control it, you need to pay attention to it, for it is a serious health problem for you and your child.

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