July 24, 2021



“Are you negotiating with terrorists?”

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Are you negotiating with terrorists?

Are you negotiating with terrorists?

“Are you negotiating with terrorists?” Asked Professor Al-Mariam, a veteran political analyst in English.
“One thing you need to know is that the solution to the Ethiopian problem lies in Ethiopia, and the solution to Africa’s problem is in Africa,” Almariam said.

All those who want to pressure the Ethiopian government to negotiate with the TPLF should stop interfering and ask themselves a short question. Will they negotiate with an organization that declares war on their national defense force, kills large numbers of people, violates their constitution and is a terrorist organization? They will not do it. ”
He further added that Abiy Ahmed is currently being pressured to negotiate with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). He also mentioned that the TPLF is listed on the Global Terrorism Database.
“We must not make a mistake here,” he said. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. The action being taken by the federal government is against the TPLF, not the people of Tigray. The people of Tigray have been severely affected by TPLF crimes. He committed many crimes and corruption in the name of the people. “Just as the TPLF has used the people of Tigray as political protection, it is now using them as a cover for military action.”
He noted that the TPLF terrorists had launched an attack on the Northern Command last week and that they were now pressuring Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to negotiate with them. He also said that no country can negotiate with a terrorist.
“The United States will never compromise with terrorists by sacrificing the constitution and the military and endangering the peace and security of the people,” he said. The governments of Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, and Russia will never do so. The governments of Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, and Rwanda will not negotiate with terrorists. “Negotiating with a terrorist is to call on other terrorists.”

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