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At The End of World War II

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At The End of World War II

At The End of World War II

Hitler’s star counter! – It was the end of World War II!

Provided for the season …

It was the end of World War II;
Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader, was deeply disturbed by the news of the subterranean defeat of his army in a concrete underground tunnel he had built around Berlin.

From time to time, the strength of the competitors was at an all-time low. Hitler: It is difficult to accept this fact, but it is not capable of changing it. He was worried and He lost his grip.

At this desperate moment, he began to question the astrologer in the fort.

“Does that mean the war is about to end with our defeat?” he said. “Yes, my lord,” replied the astrologer. Looking at the ground.

“Okay! What will happen to me? Do you think I will die?” Said Hitler.
“Yes, my lord.”
“When am I going to die?”
“Jewish Feast Day.”
“Eh! Which Jewish festival? Tell me. I want to know the date of their festival?”

It is said, “My Lord, no matter what day you die, that day will be a day of great victory for the Jews.”

Historically, the TPLF leaders have reached the 11th hour of the same question to their astrologers. Surrounded by them. The trained militia is fleeing in all directions.

Undoubtedly, they will be defeated. Monday, Friday, and Saturday will be the day when the resurrection of the people of Tigray will be confirmed as a region, and a great burden will be lifted from its shoulders as a country, Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Forever

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