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Because Ethiopia will continue forever!

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Because Ethiopia will continue

Because Ethiopia will continue

We did not kill our greedy Junta !!!
(Mr. Abraham)

These enemies of the country, who kill us and bury us above their graves, are not really killed. There are tens of thousands of innocent people who are being killed every day in the gospel.

The news that the Junta have been killed without killing our killers, confirming the existence of the Junta above the grave. Believe me, our junta was not killed.
Ethiopia has tens of thousands of enemies.

There are a lot of loving TPLF people who are constantly making mistakes. Instead of learning from their mistakes, the T-TPLF’s death is a tragedy. These false stories of the resurrection of the greedy junta are good news for the dead.

These remnants of falsehood are the fruits of TNG’s fifty-year plan of destruction. Resurrection is anti-Ethiopian false prophet.

How can the news of the killing of greedy disciples in Ethiopia, which is full of weapons and ammunition, be true? The news of the killing of the Junta is more than ridiculous at a time when the imprint of the barbaric Junta is disrupting our social and political health, polluting our whole being, and disrupting our solidarity and the existence of a just alternative through cooperation and negotiation.

When will we end up living in a country where the cycle of security is being challenged by the greedy junta on the one hand and the greedy junta on the other?
How is the good news for Ethiopia that the news of the deaths, burials and deaths of thousands of heirs has been killed? It is not because of their language or their blood that we are disgusted with them.

Their language is the language of our language. Their blood is our blood. Ambrose is our home. The news of their killing is sad, but we are not happy. It does not strike us, but it does strike us. But they have chosen to follow the path of their choice.

We repeatedly reminded them that they were wrong. In addition to exhortation, we implored them in our hearts. The glass of our pleas fills our library. We can offer dozens of testimonials in bulk, not retail.

We are not saying that they were not killed because they were not killed. It is because we see the heir to the grave digging in our graves. The greedy junta is still alive and well.

It kills many innocent people every day. It infiltrates every region and distributes dead spirits to children, the elderly, widows and widowers. There is no doubt that the T-TPLF’s illegitimate marriage to Sudan and Egypt is the legacy of the T-TPLF.

These Ethiopian enemies will be killed. Their killing is not the only alpha and omega for Ethiopian peace and the human and conscience health of its citizens. The greedy junta was not killed, OLF Shen was not killed, Gumuz rebels were not killed, Sudan’s evil spirit was not killed, Egyptian pharaohs spirits were not killed will not liberate Ethiopia.

It is the way they have chosen. In this regard, the bravery of our Ethiopian Defense Forces and the Ethiopian struggle is highly appreciated and written in gold. It will liberate Ethiopia only when the false rhetoric is completely eradicated. Here we have the support of politicians, academics, the media, the clergy, the soul.

If the physical killing of the greedy junta does not destroy their imaginary existence, then there is a problem that will continue tomorrow. While history can be challenged, it is also a preparation for re-enactment by not learning from past mistakes, such as cheating on history and committing heinous crimes.

Although Ethiopia is a country with many problems, the problems of the last five decades are not easy to solve. Ethiopia is a land of misguided and malicious language that seeks to defraud the inhumane and horrific acts that are taking place in our history.

Nowadays, severed arms, dismembered bodies, severed necks, brutally torn hearts, livers and kidneys, mercilessly torn breasts and buttocks, corpses crushed by tanks and scavengers, horribly stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed, stabbed. What do we remember about innocent civilians who were armed with weapons and thrown into the abyss like monkeys?

The whirlwind of the forest, the whirlwind of boasting, the whirlwind of bouquet, the whirlwind of boulder, the whirlwind of unwind, the whirlwind of unwaryness, the whirlwind of uncertainty.

How many monuments do they need? O Guliso will be replaced by O Guliso. Oh my gosh, it will be replaced. Oh my gosh, we are not comforted and O Bullen, he continues to be confused. There are many greedy junta who want to obscure, destroy, and deceive this historical fact.

Allowing such a gambler to a man of conscience, to a rational being, is truly beyond the scope of greed. Of course, if we do not act in the right way for five decades, the prophetic truth of tomorrow will be like a river flood. Everything has happened so far.

Although we do not have the desire to erect a monument and inherit hatred and enmity, we paint it with pencils, parchment paper, pen and paper (modern doctor, professor, researcher, consultant).

We will seal it with peace, forgiveness and love, saying that hatred and bigotry, political machinations and ideological conspiracies will not be passed on to future generations. They told us they were like that, and they did it, but when we say we don’t want to be or do not, we close it with a mystery of greatness across the country.

The only solution is to put an end to the spirit of hatred and falsehood.

Because Ethiopia will continue !!!!

The root cause of the massacre of our innocent people is the great accountability of our history. Those who enjoy all these massacres are the ones who are playing the lion’s share of Ethiopia’s corruption and revolutionary democracy.

The news of the killing of greedy junta in a country where these remnants of the media are pervasive and the political environment in which they are allowed to travel is truly ridiculous.

If the greedy junta has inherited the legacy of greedy junta through television windows, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, social networking sites, proclaiming the good news that genocide plotters have been killed, they will not be killed.

We must begin the political and administrative work that supports the glorious sacrifices that our heroic army is making in every context, including the deployment of our defense forces. In this context, disregarding the role of all leaders, including our prime minister, is a disgrace and a disgrace. The participation of all the people is also a means to an end.

In general, it is Ethiopianness that has won. But our junta was not killed.
Like our defense forces, we must hunt down our greedy junta, which moves within us in our politics, our structure, our writing, our spiritual and secular teachings, in all our fields of endeavor.

Let us quickly learn about the unbridled interactions that kill and kill us every day. Let us kill our own internal mistakes, which are becoming a source of strength and energy for the greedy junta. Politics should start killing the greedy junta inside.

Make sure all social, economic and religious structures kill the greedy junta in it.
We, the soulless Ethiopians, are plagued by hatred, bigotry, greed, cruelty and greed that we all have not fought within.
There is an artificial identity in all of our psyche.

We prefer to read the narrative, which we have heard over and over again, rather than the horrors we see with our own eyes. Let’s fix our dark history of Bermuda by reporting evil and passing it on to future generations.

When we arrived in Ethiopia with the love of the German bizarre and the Italian garibaldi, the philosophy that broke our backs like a grain of wheat needed a cure. When we praise the moral supremacy of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, it is useless for anyone to shoot Arjiten in Ethiopia.

When the Nobel laureate arrives at our door, we are applauded for not being applauded for not being able to win an Oscar.
The Holy Trinity, whom we thanked for standing in the Vatican, will shake us when we arrive in Ethiopia. Our Lord in Berlin Square cannot be a servant in Ethiopia.

The logic of criticizing the mosque in Harar or Merkato is a zero-sum game when we kneel and pay homage to the mosque in Makkah. Ethiopia is the largest country in the world. The problem is with the junta spirit inside us.

The way out

  1. Unless we are better than the greedy junta who are being killed by their own free will, we will continue to destroy each other because of our laziness. So let us liberate ourselves by killing the greedy junta that is roaming within us.
  2. What is happening today is a reality of our being. The difference is a matter of order. Abdi Ile repeated his mistake yesterday morning in Debre Zeyit. Let’s ask the king. We are free from this vicious circle when we truly let go of our past mistakes and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

In our time of change alone, we have experienced the divisiveness of the two regions. The secret is the result of five decades of tyranny, but we must learn today and make tomorrow better.

Although we can make a peaceful transition as a nation, we have not been able to create a peaceful and competitive country. Although we are lucky enough to win the Nobel Prize, we have not been able to make the same mistake over and over again. So let’s not make the same mistake over and over again.

  1. Let’s focus on the cause. Today’s effort is the result of yesterday’s laziness. Today’s death is our prelude to yesterday’s crime. We have not come to strengthen and maintain it as a nation. We are tearing down our old foundations. Let us learn from yesterday.

Let’s strengthen our foundation, stand firm and correct our mistakes. Let us be as involved in the problem as we are in Adwa, Maychew, Ethio Somalia and Ethio Eritrea. We must boldly share our loss stories as we race to win.

The politics of bigotry do not benefit any of us. We have been subjugated by the dictatorial ideology of human watersheds. Such a disease does not benefit all of us. We were together as a country.

፡ We have all gone through the error of history. We are proud of our heroism. Let us cultivate the fantasy created by historical events in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity, equality and unity. Let’s not bite each other like crazy dogs. If we do not agree with history, let us learn from our differences and work for a better tomorrow.

Let’s ban what should be prohibited by law. Focusing on massacres will not cure our illness in the long run. Let’s start killing the scales of murder and carnage.

The blood of our dying people is still crying out to heaven, to heaven, to heaven. This is a debt that we and our next generation have accumulated. We are all responsible for all of this.

The government, political parties, media and religious institutions, and the unscrupulous bastards, who have unwittingly sought out knowledge and in-depth historical research, should not be held responsible for the corruption of this country.

May God protect Ethiopia and its people forever !!!

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