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Because I am a human being

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Because I am a human being

Because I am a human being

Every time I drink my wine, my prayers are the same.

I pray that you don’t make me a streamer like us! Because I know the accusations and judgments of the people of this neighborhood!
One fights with her husband and takes her husband to court
Wife – “I was insulted”
It is not the case that is surprising
Neighbors – “Yes, we heard”

That’s why I say don’t stream me like we do !!
Because I am a human being, how can I ask why !!

She took the orange and the village and approached the passenger train. The girl on her back said, “Let’s go home; He yelled at her.

You cannot close her baby’s throat without selling the fruit, because it is a piece of cake.

With one hand she caresses the baby on her back and with the other hand she holds the fruit plate she is carrying close to the passengers and shouts through the window to sell before the train leaves.

It was at this time that one of the travelers, like a joke, went to the fruit in his hand through the window and picked one up.

He said it was “shilling” and looked forward to it
She is waiting.

He started checking the pocket where he had put the money.
He touches his pockets on the right and left.

The train’s engine is starting to heat up.

Passengers take their seats and wait for the journey to begin.
The smoke from the train began to rise.
The wagons began to shake.
But that poor man’s heart was terrified.
She began to say, “Oh, my gosh.”
She called again and again.
The cart moved.

The man grabbed the village with one hand and focused on retrieving the shell from the other.
The train is now moving. She
“Shillings! … Shillings! … Shillings!”

The train is following her.
The train is gone.

Her voice echoes in the distance.
In a low voice, she began to shout, “Shillings, shillings.”
From the train engine evaluation:

It was Utah who was trying to make more noise than the passengers and the sellers.
“Shillings, Shillings.”

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