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Between estimates and loans – Bewketu Seyoum

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Love analysis

Love analysis

Not left and right. Not between before and after. Not between darkness and light. I live between debt and speculation. I have an appointment with the girl. “What time do we meet?” She said. “It’s about eight o’clock.”
“Where do we meet?” “Environment” and “must” are adjectives.
I’m wearing a jacket I borrowed from a friend. I put the fifty pieces of silver that I had borrowed from my cousin into my pocket. I thought the jacket was beautiful. I thought the money was enough to please the girl …..
I got in the taxi. In the taxi, a teenager sings a song. I thought this must be a new song. Modern songs are full of tears. They often say, “She left the country.” According to the song, there are no women in Ethiopia except for Naitu Gud and the old women. What if there were times when it was said, “You are going to deport me.” I thought I would buy it if I borrowed it. It was about noon when I got out of the taxi. It’s half past six. Wanting to ask for time, I studied the arm of many people. Many wore gold, not watches. I guess maybe the people of our country have redefined the saying, “Time is gold.”
“About four kilos,” she told me. I sat in the cafe in the morning. I thought she was going to get there. What does “around eight o’clock” mean? Is that for eight twenty-five cases? Eight and a half? what do you mean ?
I left the cafeteria. My shoes have been reduced to ashes. I’m beautifying her ….
“Is it a brush today?” Said my friend Lystro, who had a sharp voice
“No … it’s painted today,” I said, struggling to regain my morale. He untied my shoelaces and jumped up.
“Where are you going?” I said.
“I’m going to borrow from my friends because I don’t have any paint,” he said. I thought the girl would come back before she came.

On the first day, a man who had been working on paving the asphalt lines painted 9 km.
Forman was delighted.
On the second and third days, he painted only 3 km.
Forman was a little sad.

On the fourth day, he painted only half a mile [1.5 km]. This time, Forman, frustrated by the painting’s work, asked the painter why this was the case.

The painter’s answer can be read below:

“It’s easy to baptize what others have started. On the first day I highlighted what others had painted, I didn’t have to draw a new line. It was the same on the second day.

Now I am painting, but I am also drawing a whole new line. But I believe I am laying the groundwork for them to continue to shine in the future. “

Line drawing continues …..

“Shorten without touching”
Simulation is one way of communicating ideas.
“Line” is an identity tag.
Work, knowledge, fame all have their own lines.
Those who have contributed to the good of our planet and those who have misbehaved have drawn their own line.

Most, however, are busy destroying the other.
They lose their own line.

Let’s illustrate ….

The teacher asks questions to assess their students’ perceptions.
The question was a line question.
When you finish drawing a long line

They ordered that the line be shortened without touching it.

“Touched_touchable” is a great skill.

But for those who think it’s an option to get out of the way, it’s easier said than done.
The question criticizes the ego interest.
Because, deleting the line does not shorten the line.
But the destroyer.
One talented student stood up to answer the teacher’s question.
The teacher drew a long line along the lines.
Indeed, the first line was shorter than the second.

This is exactly what the teacher wanted to teach.
To shorten the other, there is a long line next to it. In today’s competitive world, the opposite is true.
Some draw their own line without touching the other. A long line that shortens the long line drawn by others.

They shorten the other line without touching it.

But many try to shorten the line of others.
Our world is full of destroyers who try to destroy their own line and extend their own line.

Dink awareness lengthens the short line.
The result is that instead of drawing your own line, the other person chooses to erase what he or she has highlighted.

That is a fact.

Love analysis

Heavenly graces are difficult without love, let alone earthly wealth and knowledge.
When you have love, you have all the grace.
Love of religion and dome is love.
If you have love, God is in your heart.
You are in God’s heart.

Love triumphs. There is much debate about the gifts of grace, but the preaching of the greater grace is lost. Many ask for healing, but they do not pray for healing.
Any spiritual thing is a sin that is not committed by knowledge, faith, and love.

When you feel short of breath, when you feel cold, when your hope is deep, you can only be saved by love.
He eats wood with ants, he eats grain, he eats clothes with worms, he hates hatred.
The engine is love for others to work hard.

Without love there can be no martyrdom.
There may be no daily martyrdom.
But there is daily sacrifice, which is to reject hatred. It is the only love that is needed everywhere, in all levels, in all grace, in all ages and forever.
Hearts that do not burn with love are eager to crucify their brother.

The pillar on which the church stands is love, it will fall without love.

Love is the mirror through which we see ourselves in people.
Lovers have the ability to correct others.
Love is the name given to a simple neighborhood.
Building love comes before building roads.
Roads are closed with hatred.
The greatest ideology, the only irresistible weapon, is love.
Love is the greatest gift, the greatest path, the greatest leader.

What does love without the eye say? If he hears no, he will judge. If the tongue is unloving, it will break. When love is outstretched, it will fall.
If he goes without love, he will break the bridge.
A martyr who does not love does not know Christ and will die in vain. We say that we lack a lot, but it is mainly love.

Love will cool off in the last days, but it will not go away.
Preached without love will be a murderer. To love, you need to know the will of God and the love of God.
Love is clearly respected and perfected only when it overcomes fear.

  • Love_is_the_beauty
    -Love_is_not_are_got_and_are_not_ racist.
  • Explained_is_a_exposed_of_love
    They are more beautiful than gold.

Desire can be satisfied only with love. Loving charity is no less than a stick.

  • The more we lose our conscience, the more we fill our stomachs, the more we steal.

Love is the gift of all.
There is no rich person who does not give love and does not accept the poor. Your shortcomings are only good with love.
The day you start running is the day you start running alone without applause.

“For you will not see what you see, but what you see.”

Anyone who wants the title of the book should contact me on the inside line.

I say let’s live in love😍😍😍

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