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Conditions that make listening difficult

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Conditions that make listening difficult

Conditions that make listening difficult
(Adapted from Dr. Job’s book “Resolving Relationships and Disagreements”)

According to Harvard Business Review, these three things are important:

  1. Listen quietly instead of talking when people express their opinions
  2. Demonstrate in our situation or speech that we are listening to the people speak
  3. Point out that we understand what people are saying

Just as people often misinterpret our message, we often do not fully understand their message. To address this problem and to develop effective listening, it is important to identify and eliminate obstacles. This is an important issue that everyone at any level of life should develop.

  1. Incompetence
    Some people do not listen because they are not qualified. If a person grows up in a family, he does not have the ability to listen to what he has learned, learned, and become accustomed to.
  2. The risk of looking defeated
    Some people listen to the silence and the other person seems to be weak, so they try to hold on to the idea as much as possible and end up showing that they are β€œcompetent.”
  3. Feeling vulnerable
    Instead of listening, a person who feels inferior and vulnerable will come to the defense of the idea that he is going to attack me.
  4. Uncontrolled negative emotions
    Negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, resentment, hatred, and so forth, can rob you of the peace of mind. In a relationship, a person who is full of these and similar feelings does not have an atmosphere that is conducive to listening and listening, and the relationship is already broken.

Communication skills are essential for excellence in any social or professional field. Read the book to develop knowledge about this skill.

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