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Cradle CAP / Infantile seborrheic dermatitis /

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Cradle CAP

Cradle CAP

This skin condition usually occurs between 2 weeks and 1 year of age.

A child with this condition may have a yellow grassy rash on the baby’s head.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it affects 10% of boys and 9.5% of girls.

In addition to the head, the area around the eyebrows, the cheekbones, the diaper area, and the chest area can be affected.

The cause of this problem is not often known but too much skin fat (sebum) in the oil glands & hair follicles & a type of yeast found on the skin called malassezia ፡ Searching

This problem can be easily identified by showing a professional!

Let’s see what we can do to treat this problem.

Often this problem can easily go away on its own within a week or months but you should do the following:

  • Wash baby hair once a week with baby shampoos, but it is best not to use these shampoos too often as they can aggravate the problem.
  • Gently scrape off the topsoil with a comb. It is best to use combs that are designed for this problem.
  • Dyeing your hair in the morning and evening mixing Vaseline and petroleum jelly makes it easier to get rid of frizz.

If the child does not feel well, it is important to consult a doctor, especially if the problem is in the area of ​​the diaper and is sore.

The doctor may also prescribe steroid pills or anti-fungal medications.

Parents need to understand that this problem is not caused by poor hygiene or allergies and usually goes away on its own when children are one year old.

Dr. Hadiya Yimam (Pediatric Specialist)

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