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“Curse and blessing!”

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Curse and blessing

Curse and blessing

Addis Admass News

“Written based on true history!”

For the last fifteen days, his spirit has been troubled. It was early in the morning when he was tormented and tormented by a dream. When he woke up, he took a shower and tried to calm down.

He left the house unnoticed, wearing the gray Geberdin coat and trousers he had worn for his graduation two years ago and his t-shirt.

He got out of the car, went to a local hairdresser, straightened his hair, went to a cafe, drank coffee, woke up, and slowly drove to the campus of Addis Ababa University to join the graduating class.

Although he lived in a depressed world, he felt that he had failed.

Addis Ababa University campus, where more than 7,000 Addis Ababa University students will be graduating, is crowded with graduates and their friends and relatives.

Daniel was one of the graduates of the Management Program.

This is the second time Daniel has worn this graduation gown. His solitary confinement today was much better than it was when he was escorted out of the courtyard by a friend and relative, dressed in an uproar two years ago.

He felt that the last two years of graduation had been compared to the present.

With a smile on his face, he started the car and headed for his waiting friends. Today he proves to be determined and determined in the eyes of his friends.

He tells them the secret that he has been patiently waiting for.

He did not want his friends to share the joys and sorrows of today, but he did want to tell them that he was trying to hurt them.

His previous friendships were based on cleverness, especially over the past two years. They believe in graduation today and surrender.

But he will not see them again. Their wickedness and jealousy contributed greatly to this great victory.

He now realizes that the proverb “Don’t make me jealous” has worked on him.

It was 6 ፡ 15 when he arrived at the home of his friends waiting for him near Olympia.

When he arrived, his friends, Lazarus, seraphim, and Japheth, adorned Paul’s four-quarters home and greeted him with a bouquet of love.

Daniel proudly accepted the flower and went into the house. The wall of the house was decorated with a caption that read, “You’re done for this honor,” and that Dan was wearing his graduation gown.

This photo was taken two years ago.

With the exception of Joseph, his closest friend, he was surprised to see that they were in their hands. It was the same photo as before. ..Where did you get this photo ..

He said angrily and surprised. He thought that they did not need any more. But no one heard him. He began to think about how photography could get into their hands.

After a while, the sound of a car engine was heard outside. Joseph Paul and Pastor Dave soon entered their room. Paul and Joseph greeted him warmly and wished him well.

But Pastor Dave held his hand and said, “God has broken the curse yoke on you.” After hearing about you and your family, I thought you needed God’s help.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. So I talked to your father and the victim, and I tried to solve the problem. But I failed at the time.

So I began to pray for you, I spoke to your friends and wondered what kind of pressure and power of God you should continue in your teaching.

My efforts and prayers were successful with God’s help.

I am glad that you know that everything will be defeated by faith and prayer. Finally, our petitions are for your heart;

It broke your father’s hard heart … Alana took out a piece of paper and said, “Bless the hotel.”

Daniel looked at Pastor Dave and his friends in amazement. He noticed that everyone looked at him with love.

After a while, he began to meditate on what he had heard about Pastor Daniel.

He knows he is a great spiritual father;

He is a man to whom the believers have testified that he casts out demons in the name of God;

He will never forget where he first saw  ithis person. 

For the past two years or so, he has attended a graduation ceremony at the Zion Hotel in New York. ..Don’t worry,

everything will be defeated by strong faith. But be strong in your prayers and strengthen your faith. Get ready to continue your education from now on. The words still ring in his ears.

How could this man tell me this? How did he find out about me? He was concerned. Now, two years later, he is rumored to have a close relationship with his friends.

Daniel’s friends here are from St. Joseph’s School, Grade 1 to 12; He also knew them well until they completed their higher education at Addis Ababa University. Of course, Daniel was especially fond of seraphs, Eleazar, and Japheth.

As St. Joseph’s School is a boys’ school, all students behave in groups with their peers and classmates;

As they grew older, this characteristic developed into a more intimate and intimate group of children, indicating that they were approaching the age of puberty.

So Daniel, Joseph, the seraphs, Japheth, and Lazarus were among the many friends. Near the end of St. Joseph’s school, they met outside of school and smoked in places like Alberka and Arabia.

Because of the similarity of the nightclubs and the fact that they were able to go to university together, they were able to make closer friends than their peers.

However, like most young people, they have a tendency to get involved in nightmares, and at times there may be occasional conflicts between them.

Since Daniel came from a very wealthy family and had no money, and the seraphs had a very eloquent tongue, he would occasionally argue that he was snatching the corpses he had brought with them.

That is why two years ago, when Daniel was graduating, he did not want the seraphs to hear about his graduation except for his close friend Joseph. This is because there are fears that if you become more knowledgeable, you may end up hurting yourself and gossiping.

But he was afraid. One day Joseph, Surprised that they had heard of Daniel’s graduation, they told him that they had been tricked and that he had listened to them.

Dan gets upset and talks to Joseph about what to do. He has no choice but to finish school. In the meantime, we need to be careful about our relationship with them.

Otherwise, you and your family will be in great disgrace. He was forced to continue his education and maintain his friendship with them.

Two years ago, Daniel came to the campus of the University W, accompanied by his mother, father and friend Joseph, and sat on the porch of the hotel hall.

Friends and relatives who filled the venue of the Yon Hotel welcomed him warmly.

Even the relatives and friends of the father who came to congratulate him seemed to pay special attention to that historic day.

As a result, since his childhood migration from rural Addis Ababa, Daniel’s father has been able to open four joint ventures, including a hotel business, with a business partner, Mitiku.

But Mitiku was owed money by his partner and left a debt at the shop where he entered.

Trudy was forced to pay off Mitiku’s debts and his joint business activities weakened.

The relatives and friends of Mitiku, who were dissatisfied with the move, tried to resolve the dispute, but were forced to swear allegiance to the elders in accordance with the rules and customs of their country.

Therefore, Mr. Mitiku said that he was wronged; Trudy swore in front of an elder, saying, “If you don’t have the right, swear and tell me to separate.”

Many years later. Trudy’s fortunes grew, and he fortified military and ordinary stores and properties in Kolfe.

In addition to opening shoe shops, thrift stores, and mills, they set up shoe factories and flour mills.

They were also working on a large private property in the Kolfe area. Their children are getting better and better.

Their first child, however, became ill at the end of his internship and dropped out of school for a year and a half.

Two years later, their second daughter tied the knot for her wedding and died of a sudden illness.

The tragedy shocked Trudy’s wife and children, but it also paved the way for further rumors among Mitiku’s relatives and friends.

The rumor spread that Trudy had betrayed his partner’s money and swore in the name of his children. But Trudy, there are some.

They say that this is just a rumor and that I am not apologizing to anyone for the fact that I am rich and not rich.

But Daniel’s mother became very depressed, and he was forced to drop out of college when he was a two-and-a-half-year university student.

But his family did not know how to stop. As the months passed, years passed.

Fifteen days before the graduation day, Daniel, who had no choice but to talk to Paul about the inconvenient motorbike, tied up the folder, rented the gown, and asked for a graduation card.

Daniel’s blessing, in which Trudy proved that the curse would not work on them, was a source of great joy. Trudy attended the Grand Hotel from Zion Hotel and greeted guests with a big smile.

Businesses who want to open a shop on the new building will be greeted with a gift of gold and various jewelery.

When the investor, Trudy’s brother, presented Daniel with a car key during the graduation ceremony, he announced that he had donated the newly opened shoe factory in Kality on behalf of his son.

It was during this time that Pastor Dave delivered that memorable speech at his graduation. Don’t worry, everything will be defeated.

But be diligent in your prayers, Strengthen Your Faith From now on, prepare yourself to continue your education.

That was two years ago. Today, Pastor Dave is present at the inauguration of this narrow house. Then he said, “Well, you’re done for this honor.”

But today, he said, “That’s enough for this honor.”

Pastor Dave knew full well that the inauguration was a fabrication. Now he clearly understood the word.

He realized that Daniel’s friends had been intimidated by Pastor Dave’s provocation and that he had done so in good faith. He read a hotel invitation card.

He read the address on the card and realized that his 
father had given the hotel to Mitiku Kolfe. 
He has nothing to worry about right now.

The two bands reconciled. The yoke of cursing is also broken – Age for Pastor Dave! He hugged his friends and kissed them.

Immediately, Pastor Dave tried to fall at his feet, knelt down, and the pastor got up, defended his hands, and said, “This is a wonderful work of God.”

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