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Different aspects of life: Songs by Alemayehu Eshete

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Different aspects of life: Songs by Alemayehu Eshete

Different aspects of life: Songs by Alemayehu Eshete

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protection is flowing. In the songs of Alemayehu Eshete ”

Written By Fidel Chelo

Music has the potential to stir the heart, to express desire. By nature, it has the potential to extend beyond the physical world. It has the power to encourage lazy people, to discourage discouragement, and to reshape the spirit of fear.

Who hasn't heard of "Fano Fano"? 
Who doesn't listen to the beautiful artwork of Ejigayehu Shababa, "I'm a hungry love"? Who doesn't listen to Muhammad Ahmed's "peace" and put his foot down?

Music is not limited to entertaining and singing the broken spirit; Nor is it a subtle wisdom. Throughout the ages, music has played a role in comforting the grieving, encouraging the weak, and appealing to the brokenhearted. Let’s take a look at the harvest of my country’s farmer, let’s reveal the secret of how he saw the truth of the singer.

Music is the product of the imagination of a great human being, a divine being who touches the sadness, hunger, and thirst of mankind in general.
Alemayehu Eshete is a great singer;

He is a great vocalist who unwittingly makes us revolutionaries, suddenly rises up and changes us, and challenges us to fight injustice.

The songs highlight human hope, pain, sadness, invincibility, and struggle. As we listen carefully to his works, we will see the importance of optimism in our lives. The main point of my ‘Learning My Child’: It is good advice from a father to a child.

The song “Swollen Swelling” suggests that it is more appropriate to breathe what you believe than to conceive.

Alemayehu Eshete is sick of his work, about Ethiopia, about the hungry, the destitute, the desperate, and so on.
Alemayehu is a great Kayani who has widely shared the pain and suffering of his people in his work.
Alemayehu seems to sing his personal life and experiences in the songs, but when we look deeper, the melodies touch on issues of public existence.

The song ‘Don’t make me laugh, it looks like I’m being abused’ is a description of the country’s oppression.

The melody, how modern Ethiopia was; It reflects the life of Ethiopians. Music, by its very nature, has a special power to soothe a cruel heart, to soothe an angry spirit, to comfort a longing heart. This nature of the unseen is evident when it reaches my harvest.

Who has not heard the song of his mother? Alemayehu’s works have the potential to capture the hearts of each and every one of us. Alemayehu is a talented vocalist who is sick of his artwork and forces others to share his pain. He explored the heartbreak and frustration of the country’s political turmoil at the time.

In his song, “Don’t make me laugh,”
Let me boast as I do,
Don’t make fun of me.
I know you are half my body
You will die and rest in peace.
In such melodies, Alemayehu sings extensively about hardship, loss, and the complexities of life.

As we examine his works in more detail; They touch on the current Ethiopia, the truth of the day, the destiny of its people, the hope, the loss and the gain. In the days of Alemayehu, Ethiopia was not as open as it is today. At the time, many were not motivated to read the alphabet.

So I did not see it. #Tear my child to learn the benefits of education. This song is about Ethiopians’ place in education; Explains the attitude of Ethiopian parents towards education.
Learn My Child… Learn My Child…
I have no relatives, I have no wealth from my hand.
Listen, my child …
The night is the sun,
But for the uneducated, the day is dark.
Learn, my child, it is a wonderful invention that shows that man is a ladder from the abyss of ignorance to the path of light and greatness.

According to my understanding, Alemayehu was able to do such work because he was able to get sick of the country and worry about the people. There is a country beyond politics, there is a generational transmission. These facts are the main reasons for Alemayehu’s work.

Alemayehu’s works are a testament to the fact that one can do more great artistic work while contemplating, questioning, thinking about the masses, and longing for change.

Alemayehu sings that humanity must fight for freedom; But the revolution is not only directing, it emphasizes that the struggle for freedom is carried out in a sensible manner. It also tells us that oppression, abuse, and the past will be history.

That is why he sings of hope in the face of adversity.
Alemayehu’s songs are unique in their respect for freedom; The angle of loneliness is amazing. Alemayehu’s works share the physical and spiritual pain of every individual.

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The following work confirms this truth.
I am one for my mother and she is not there
I don't feel lonely
Where is my mentor, my dear father?
Where do I have a dependent brother and sister?
Where do I have a friend I trust?
I discuss the secrets of my heart and my heart.

This song is about a lonely person. However, when we examine the story of when and why the song was sung, it shows the despair of life, the spirit of mistrust, and the physical and depression of mankind. As we expand our research, we can see the depth of the song as we grasp the human psychological turmoil caused by the political crisis of the day.

The song focuses on despair and analyzes the inner world of individuals.
Singing is one of the most sought after skills. 
Singing requires a deep sense of humor and deep feeling.
 Singing can also be a natural gift. As Alemayehu sang, each of us echoed our thoughts and feelings. 

Alemayehu sang, he compared education, freedom, human psychology, to our political reality and to our social reality. Alemayehu’s theme for his work, “Man’s House is Man’s,” is about self-sufficiency. The song preaches that each individual should harden his or her shoulders in order to take responsibility for his or her own personal life.

Alemayehu, through his works of wisdom, explores human freedom, social justice, the questions that challenge the souls of many of us, and the burdens of suffering. He also sang a song of healing for the afflicted. Paying attention to the spirit of the day, that everyone may suffer; He is mentally ill.

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