May 6, 2021




Let’s Correct or Go Crazy

Life in love & What frightens you is not the future, but the repetition of your past!

† Judaism † – Your will is important!

Growing up Emotionally And Other

The five conditions that give us love-like feelings

how to know more about Psychological maturity

just be yourself

Please tell me my weakness

“The hospital window” – Amazing Story!

You had five husbands before and now your husband is not with you.

A man put off his cloth in parliament

The five most important lessons we can learn from pencil!

Amazing Story of Two Retired Elders!

From air port cleaner to pilot!

Dad Is Today Tomorrow?

Wife tried to test her husband’s loyalty and

I gathered my strength and broke the chains of bondage.

I’m really, really happy.

Simple Ways to Stop Worrying About What People Think About Us!

Man enters the forest to destroy the country

Journalist Nafkot Apologizes! WHY?

Amazing mother of 4 who graduated from college with her daughter

Love me!

Jesus was sad!

Be yourself!

I’m sorry!!!

I think the other name of journalism is Meaza Birru

My Honor to Abdalla Ezra ‘

14,000 and 7,000 books!

What to buy for five birr? I myself do not understand why it is paid outside of parking

BIG Respect To This Ladies

Addis Ababa thieves’ multifaceted theft scheme !!

Revelation – What are the obstacles and challenges to our vision?

We need wisdom for everything we do in our lives. As a teacher, as a parent, as a leader, etc.

Unique wisdom is A Self wisdom!

Don’t start before you finish! If you start, finish!

Absurdism(Welefedi) – the belief that human beings exist in a purposeless

the 6-year-old’s good deeds have touched the hearts of many!

Adeye, This Darkness Will Pass You By

My Country, All this is for you!

Tell us how you feel

“You will drink my blood, but I will not give up.” at B / J Mulualem Tadesse

Where are we today?

Look At My Eyes

What A kind People – balager

Another Hero – Please See It And Share.

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