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Emperior Atse Tewodros of Ethiopia.

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My mother gave birth to Kassan. ”
Bahir Dar, January 6, 2013 (WIC) – The central government is weak, unity is weak, and its princes and nobles are expanding their territory. The pain was excruciating. The nobles and the nobles mobilized at will, whipped and whipped at will. O God, come true judgment, good times are far away, blessed is the king.

Countries that have seen Ethiopia’s internal weakness are beginning to buy it if they can, if they can’t. Mysterious, First and foremost Ethiopia needs a good king who will strengthen its unity, transcend the times, preserve its identity, and remember its history.

He longs for a king who relies on the faith of his people, who pleads for justice, who willingly obeys, who acts willingly, and who calls on his name.

When he wanted to hear the pleas of the kind and brave Ethiopians, restore Ethiopian unity, and make a powerful king, he gave fruit to two good couples in Ethiopia. When the Creator wants to produce good fruitage, he unites two good people. They are bound by reason.

Meet cleanly.
Birthday is over. He ate and drank at a feast in every house. The baptismal font is near. There are many ceremonies to celebrate birthdays and baptisms. Help and the party is blessed during the Quarter of the Year festival.

In the middle of the festival, a gift was given to Hailu Woldegiorgis, the nobleman of the Quara, and to my aunt Atetegebete. On the 6th of January, 1811, they received their good gift. There was joy.

Quara Charge (Charge) Mary was born that visionary. He did not know in advance, but he was happy for Ethiopia. She wanted a hero who loved her sincerely, worked hard for her, honored her, honored her and made her proud.

In January, the undefeated baby had only one mother. “One thousand for his mother, one for his enemy, one for his enemy, one for his mother, one for his mother, one for his mother, one for his mother, one for his mother, one for his mother.”

He was born and lived in a thousand, saying, “We have sown one seed, and we have filled the storehouse.” He ruled over a thousand, and his name was exalted because he was the fruit of a blessed good. It did not go down. He is exalted, because he has done the truth.

I have never been satisfied and my power is as good as it has ever seen before, when the country is accused, it moves forward, it does not return to the enemy, it does not taste war, it destroys fortresses, it comes quickly when it is in trouble. And the country is in turmoil.

Don’t Get Satisfied Pregnant: “A great man came and gave me a cross. I have the cross in my arms and I embrace it. ”
He did not cherish this dream. But he kept them in his heart. Compensation was born. Like the cross, he became one who unites, reconciles the nation.

Kassa was born together and did not grow up with his mother and father. His father died when he was very young. The royal family was wise enough to send their son to school at an early age.

He was already engaged to a great deal, so he agreed with Color, and he studied the teachings of the Church in various churches and monasteries. He and his uncle took over the work of the palace in Quara.

When Kassa was in Quara, he was able to return with his amazing bravery and strategy when foreign enemies crossed the border. He does not lose when he throws a spear. When he hunts, he does not return without a hitch; Defeat does not deserve compensation. He is victorious wherever he goes.

The native and the shepherd compensate. Begin to prophesy that unity will return. When Kassa was disgusted by the rulers’ rule from the beginning, he had a dream that he had never dreamed of, and he worked hard to make it come true.

When the time came, the adult Kassa started a gang. His disguise was not limited to the village. Let’s go out and unite Ethiopians. The end of the time of the Judges is near. Compensation power is increasing.

Quara began to support the hero. The great princes are terrified. Empress Menen did not like the intensity of that quarrel. The unscrupulous Menen sent for Wendirad to come and take him by the hand.

Compensation was not possible and Wondirad was defeated. The shock intensified. Egypt’s then-ruler, Mohamed Ali, was involved in the expansion of the empire. Sudan’s dream of joining Ethiopia with Sudan is a dream come true. He was confronted by a winged singer.

The Ethiopian side, which has always been a winner in a great battle, won. Wings triumphed.

Historians say that the Egyptian army lost thousands of lives in the fighting. Another army, led by Musa Ali Pasha, who had previously been defeated, marched into Ethiopia. Compensation was given to the military, and the commander was ordered to pay compensation.

But compensation was already in place. They ordered him to be stabbed.
The princess was sent to fight Kasan, who was about to fight. The Mennonite army joined the Egyptian army without any contact with the Kassa army.

The Egyptian army was so strong that it struck down the Canaanite warriors. At this point, Kassa was upset, the country was raped, he had a dream, he prepared an army and disbanded the Egyptian army. He freed the princess, who had been captured by the Egyptian army.

She was beautiful, and her beauty was unparalleled. Ras Ali wanted to weaken Kassan’s power. He sent an army led by his mother Menen. Compensation won. They were guided. Compensation began to administer Quara and Dembi.

Ras Ali, who could not afford Misa, gave the princess and tried to calm her down. They are married. They seemed to calm him down, but they gave him more power. Admired for her bravery, she became a supporter of the idea.

“Her mind was on her, and she was armed.
My beautiful mother raised the angel who was a man
He worked hard to direct Ethiopia with his unwavering dream. ”
The dream of compensation continued. The dream was approaching. As the wishes of the noble people of the country came true, Kassa went on a triumphant victory.

Zemene Mesfint Ankotakuto, founded an Ethiopia, was anointed king by Deresge Mariam by Abune Selama and crowned emperor with his wife.
The throne desired by the princes was vacated by the local administration, and the visionary Kassa II was succeeded by Tewodros II.

He chose the name Tewodros because of the prophetic heroism that came with it.
He did the work of His chosen and indelible name. They say Miesaw will rule the present and future generations of Ethiopians spiritually.

Tewodros is said to have been one of the few heroes and great leaders who loved their country.
He is a predecessor, a distant leader, a patriot, a sick leader.

The former things have passed away, and the former things have passed away. If it was too late, the dream would have been a success if it had coincided with Tewodros’ run.

It is said that there has never been a great king in Ethiopia like Tewodros, a great king like Tewodros.

“He is the first and only patriot of the country,” they say. Tewodros is said to have been admired and applauded by his friends and foes for his fearless bravery and tactics.

Abe Gubegna, the great sage, said, “The heroism of Emperor Tewodros is a testament to the unity of Ethiopia, which has wandered in all directions, without knowing what a pen or a mouthpiece would be.”

Misaw still leads the army, he preaches patriotism today, he still leads unity, his unending dream, his unending efforts inspire Ethiopians today.

“They are challenging him
They are facing him
They looked up when they came down
Summer Lightning Is Like a Sword ”
Tewodros was created for victory, he was made of rock, he was honored by man, he flew before time.

Tewodros is not arrogant, he is not proud, he is not afraid. “Without Christ, I am of no value. If I am chosen to purify and improve this chaotic government, who will stop me from doing so with my help? ” His contemporaries testified to him.

Tewodros was the father of the oppressors who dreamed of freeing not only his conquered country but also Jerusalem. Tewodros is said to have had the same physical strength and mental strength.

He was also a great man of Arabic, who had a deep knowledge of the country’s education at the time.
Tewodros is said to be more mature and knowledgeable than any other Ethiopian.

The great administrator, Tewodros, had a large and united heart.
Tewodros has eliminated thieves and extortionists, enslaved people in slavery, paid the salaries of all soldiers and officers, and violated the peace and property of civilians, and abolished bribery.

It is said that Emperor Tewodros did not have an Ethiopian who could compete with all the gifts of a great leader.

Even when he came to his country, his enemy was cruel to his life.
The country is above him. Historians say that when Ethiopia produced Tewodros, she was a shepherd without a herd.

“Their mental and physical strength is not weak,” said Consul Plauden. There is no limit to the courage of their spirit and body. They do not tire out. They rest a little, day and night. He has no doubt about it. ”

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