July 23, 2021




OH Barcelona? – Luis Suarez Crying After The Spain laliga Win

Ethiopian Artist – “Rophnan” – New Single – SOST

After 27 years of marriage Bill and Melinda Gates are separating.

Lij Micheal – Mengede

Envy me

Journalist Nafkot Apologizes! WHY?

Ethiopian-born Sarah Menker earns $ 85 million on Wall Street

“Fregaent Melaku” – Angel Melaku Ethiopian Model

Everyone helps the pierced wood. But suppose there is a hammer above the nail.

Different aspects of life: Songs by Alemayehu Eshete

Because I am a human being

I think the other name of journalism is Meaza Birru

Gomalalaye – Amazing Story

From Tea House Harmonica to Dahlak Band

Mango Street House!

“Curse and blessing!”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ‘Pranked’!

They were jealous when I was 19 and Saron apologized

In the church, women’s underwear was shaved!

“If You Have Nothing to Say, Do Not Raise Your Hand.”

Two-Faced Day – Amazing Story

No one runs first, no one wins alone!

Ethiopian Defense Forces Anthem!

Poem For Wounded and captive soldiers of Tigray!

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