March 1, 2021



Envy me

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Envy me

Envy me

🙏💦 ……….. Envy me ……… 🙏💦

I wish I could be clean – I bent my knees
In boiling water – in an acid bath
Until my hand broke – I sniffed and sniffed
Until my waist was cut – I squeezed it
I put it in the sun – I think that’s enough

The argument is there – in my body today!

This is my heart that is evil – engulfed in filth
Celebrates the wedding – he built a nest of resentment!
The word of my mouth is fire – how many people have died
In the pit I dug – how many poor people fell!
I hate when someone finds me – a friend of the devil
I do not crave love – an inexhaustible fuel
I am a fictitious believer – a holiday listener

By deceiving a person – justified before God!

Age is not my advice – your words are not my advice
Compassionate – rock hearted
Surrounded by a hot singer – shame
To Celebrate Baptism ……………

Who gave me the courage – never who am I!

I snatched it from the lost person – I highlighted my life
On the other hand – I left my guts!
Sera like hair – seeing the squirrel

Satan envied me – he measured my wickedness!

My soul mate – wearing a white robe
When used in public …………
About your goodness – never beat me!
Your apologies – you knock on my door
Sprinkle with clean water ……………………
Rebuke with Your Word …………………………..

As soon as it bears fruit – I will not look at you!

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