March 1, 2021



Ethiopian Defense Forces Anthem!

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The home of the proud people
Union sprout
The symbol of peace
Color Union Ethiopia
Print it with a fingerprint
Trust the people
In honor of our Constitution
We are armed
His father’s patriotic heritage
Freedom Fighting Fana
Transferred to generation
Inheritance persists again
Earthly temptations abound
If the circle burns in Gomorrah
We will break it
Let us make an immortal story
People are our strong arm
Peace is development, our language
The unity of consent
Equality is our song
Unstoppable flame
We are fire for our enemy
The coal burns from a distance
Iron melts our arm
Ethiopia is bright with our blood
Speak with the arrow of our bones
To live as she was ashamed
Celebrated from time immemorial
Let us die rather than die
Let our blood flow a thousand times
Blessed be the air
May her name always be renewed.
Glory to our Defense Forces!
Victory for our heroic army !!

Ethiopian Defense Forces Anthem

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