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Gomalalaye – Amazing Story

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🕺 Gomalalaye ❤️ 🕺 🕺

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This is God willing. .. Leka, we have all this stuff … But that one room doesn’t seem to have all this stuff … She can’t speak, but her condition is already mentioned. The wall is leaving us standing day by day …

On top of that, the soil of the house is getting thicker and thicker, and the soil is starting to fall off the wall. Don’t worry about the ceiling. It looks like a rainy sky.

The Creator has given us His art, but we are about to fall. The rats) just like when we get tired and go to bed, they finish the rest of our work. About the speed is the efficiency and I have always been impressed.

I’m here, they’re here: ok woman: But make them comfortable: wink: Rent is a good thing for us to live together as Ethiopians. Surprisingly,

the landlords in our one-room apartment did not feel embarrassed when they received their rent. Why do they feel that way?

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We’ve been living in this house for eleven years … but how is the year going?

🤔 Now they told us to look for a house because of a disagreement with our landlords … they are right … what happened to us?

What do you think of the man who told us to look for a house? We’ll let you go. … I look up to the new rental house. It looks like a cool yard.

The landlords just looked up at the roof as soon as I saw the house. Thank you. It doesn’t say they carry me.

In fact, it looks down because it’s too far away.

The wall looks great. :Wink: … my family loads the rest.

I started to fix the house and put the things in place.

I bent down and there was a strange sound deep in my ear that made me want to put some money in it ……………
As I bent down to help you,

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I looked in the direction of the sound between my legs and was shocked by what I saw.

I wanted to look up and look up from where I was bowing.
Ehh, let’s just say I don’t mind. Thank you

“Okay, if you need help, call me … Oh, I was staring blankly until the look and feel of my face disappeared. The minutes of Esther’s song came to my mind.


His wide breasts ….. Every woman has the look and feel that I want.

Abo: smirk: What do you want me to do for the other woman, but I am the choice of such a man.

The next morning I went to the bathroom to say hello to the country and he came out of the toilet.

Oh my God, the urine that was about to go down was gone. See_no_evil :: flushed: I saw that Amalay’s chest, that majesty,

I saw it clearly: wink: I have a memory of Dagie’s song, because of him,

I have become a lover of song, his beauty is Loga Loganetu.
… His majestic chest ..:

His chest is so beautiful
“How are you?”
“Yeah, we’re used to it. I’m very comfortable inside.”
“Okay, let’s go,” he said. “Every time we meet after that day, we just exchange greetings.

Sometimes he’s proud, but I’m still sick of it. We’re used to the yard and our landlords are great.

We’ve all been family and on this occasion we have a heartfelt conversation with Gomela. We are here .. What is understanding?

We are just passing by. We are suddenly being embraced by those beautiful palms.

My soul is trampling on me with joy. As I get closer, I read deep love in his eyes.

Did he glow those beautiful teeth forever under his shadow of love? I think …

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