May 6, 2021




May and Ethiopia

April 27 is a day to remember two historic events – Ethiopian Patriots Day

Emperior Atse Tewodros of Ethiopia.

TPLFs Greatest Evil Conspiracy!

Engineer Kitaw Ejigu About Meles Zenawi.

Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona has died

They are wearing coats and trousers; They ate bread with a rod; The palace war intensified

At The End of World War II

Who is Lieutenant General Bacha Debele?

“War is the wedding for Amhara!”

Once An Amazing Person Says”I am a citizen of the world”

Israeli Legendary spy Eli Cohen “Our man in Damascus” Short Story

Jews & his mind

The end of Atse Tewodros

Do you know the story of Menelik’s predecessors?

Heat me first and I’ll add the fuel!

Wisdom… _ … Stupidity?

Who is the brave Prince Ras Mekonnen who liberated eastern Ethiopia from colonial ambitions?

The Brave And Country Loving His Holiness Abune Petros!

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