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How much do you know about the discharge from the uterus?

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Ethiopia Ministry of Health

Ethiopia Ministry of Health

How much do you know about the discharge from the uterus?

When a girl reaches puberty, she is bound to make many changes in her body. One of these is seeing vaginal fluid on the pant. They say that this liquid is natural. But they say that if a particular behavior is associated with a health problem.

For example, does a healthy penis smell? The answer is yes. At this point, if the pH level in the vagina is high, the bacteria in the vagina are disturbed. As a result, it can cause odors. They say the problem is itching, burning.

Is the liquid on the second pan natural? The answer is yes. The penis has its own structure. One of these is the way the penis cleanses and prepares itself. It cleanses itself from the cervix and prepares it for anything so that bacteria that damage the genitals do not multiply and cause problems. This keeps the penis moist. So fluid retention is natural and healthy. But if the color is yellow, green, brown, thick milk, itching, and odor, it is time to consult a doctor. No need to worry. It has been described in detail before, but we recommend that you follow up with new followers in any case, depending on the number of questions and concerns.

She is about 60 years old. They went to the doctor a year after the discharge began.

Although she had been instructed by a doctor to get more advanced treatment, she remained at home because her husband refused.

She recalls that when the problem worsened, she went to the doctor and told Dr. Bathsheba Menasha, “I have been ill once before.

How much do you know about the discharge from the uterus?
How much do you know about the discharge from the uterus?

“Our society is not aware of the severity of the disease, so many women carry the disease to a higher level,” said Dr. Bersabeh.

When she returned to the hospital for further treatment and treatment, her husband challenged her, saying, “I need someone because it’s time to cook.”

• Increased risk of cancer

This mother is not alone. “Many of them come to us when they reach a higher level,” Dr. Dagm Tadelem confirms, adding that many women share this sad story.

While cervical spondylosis is a symptom of cancer, STDs, and other infections, many people are not aware of it and are unable to talk about it.

How much do you know about it?

Experts say that there is no chance of adequate knowledge in the community about cervical spondylosis.

“If I hadn’t studied medicine, I wouldn’t have known about it,” she said.

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