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How To Free-dom from Internet Addiction.

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Freedom from Internet Addiction.

Freedom from Internet Addiction.

Freedom from Internet Addiction
Ways to Get Rid of Internet Addiction

  1. Internet addiction is not an incurable disease.
    If addiction is viewed as a disease, it can make people feel powerless to control it. Some think of addiction as an incurable disease. This is the kind of thinking that leads people into addiction.
  2. Addicted people can overcome addiction if they are willing.
    If people make decisions and want to control themselves, they can break free from any addiction. The power of humans is greater than any force of addiction. But that can only happen if you make a firm decision.

Because addiction is not a disease, people can get out of it on their own without any treatment or psychological help. Some, on the other hand, are able to cope with addiction when they seek professional help and advice.

There are ways for people who are addicted to the Internet to help themselves. The main ones are:

  1. Use the Internet only for a limited period of time
    People who are addicted to the Internet should never stop using the Internet. Quitting the Internet is no longer a viable option. Because in the 21st century, most people are connected to the Internet. Therefore, the only practical step is to practice using the Internet responsibly.

When it comes to what these legitimate purposes are, it is necessary to receive and send email, trade online, search only for relevant information.

  1. Practice an Internet-free lifestyle
    To cope with Internet addiction, it is important to learn a lifestyle that is not always linked to computers and cell phones. It is important to plan and implement positive activities that are not connected to the Internet. Instead of going to the Internet, you can do sports, read books, do charitable activities, and pursue hobbies.
  2. Solve basic problems
    One of the reasons why people become addicted to the Internet is that they try to escape the problems they face in life. Spending too much time on the Internet does not solve life’s problems. Trying to escape from real problems with this addiction will only aggravate the problem and lead to new problems.

Therefore, it is important to use the Internet as a safe haven instead of trying to solve life’s problems in a constructive way. Solving the stress, depression, social problems, loneliness and other problems in their lives in a positive way will help us not to use the Internet as a solution to these problems.

  1. Use time wisely
    One of the manifestations of Internet addiction is the waste of time on the Internet. To control this, you need to set a schedule for your Internet use and submit to it. It is important to plan how many hours each day, in what time (morning, lunch, evening, night). You need to stop using it for a while. Perhaps they can use a reminder to remind them that the time is running out.
  2. Self-accountability
    Getting rid of Internet addiction is a good thing. It means letting a friend know that they are addicted to the Internet.

In order to be accountable, it is important to stop doing so in secret. If you are using the Internet at home, using the computer in public places or in places where people can pass by will allow people to see it.

Those people comment on how they use their time or what they see. In the eyes of the people, it is shameful to look at immoral things on the Internet.

Therefore, using the Internet in a private setting exposes you to many challenges.
People who use mobile phones for the Internet may not keep their phones close to them during school or work; If you are at home, it may be helpful to have a bedroom.

Staying away from the Internet for a while will reduce the temptation.

  1. Getting social support
    It is vital to have the support of others in the fight against addiction. They may be family members, friends, coworkers, or community members.

So you can get the necessary support by telling the right people about the problem of addiction.

  1. Seek professional support
    For some, Internet addiction can be a daunting task. If they stay in this type of practice for a long time, they do not have the knowledge and skills to solve other life problems, and they do not have access to proper social support.

If you are unable to overcome addiction or try to overcome it, it is important to seek the advice of a trained counselor.

Freedom from Internet Addiction.
Freedom from Internet Addiction.

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