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how to know more about Psychological maturity

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how to know more about Psychological maturity

how to know more about Psychological maturity

Physical growth and change measured by human growth and change will stop after two decades, but human beings will continue to grow and change in terms of their psychological maturity, personality, and social development.

This is the ability to respond to our environment through psychological maturity and to be aware of the situation in terms of time, place, opportunity, and the culture of the community in which we live.

The identity for this process of development varies from culture to culture, but it is associated with the emergence of almost self-reliance and self-determination.

I would like to conclude by saying that theories of development and maturity add meaning to life, and that these concepts are often related to quality and are difficult to measure directly.

• As we mature, we reduce the need to talk, increase our listening, and give others a chance to see.

• We do not care if we do not know everything or understand that it is wrong

• We work to solve real problems by quitting

• Realizing that time is precious, we stop people or things that waste our time

• We give ourselves dignity by stopping hurting ourselves

• Identify the real friends we find when we need them

• We understand the need to be proactive when needed

• We understand that whispers and the like are unnecessary, boring and time consuming

• George: As we mature, we forgive more and more, we do not rush into decisions, and we understand that love is not driven by desire but by desire.

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