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How to Obesity Without Addition

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How to Obesity Without Addition

How to Obesity Without Addition


How can you get fat without borax?

They posted the evening on their Twitter page! Journalist’s job is to check the information, I don’t think “I think so … maybe that’s it”. On top of that, Hailemariam even said that he was free in the evening after his family’s investigation
The station did not broadcast any news after this report.

I shared that it was a good lesson for the rest of us. The work we saw last night was fun!

While there is no problem with blaming and criticizing, we see that many people do not accept that it is politically correct.

Let’s see if it can be done in other cities besides the capital! Last night’s Diamond League runner-up in the women’s 5,000-meter dash (14: 26.57) followed Kenya’s Helen O’Brien in second place!

Athlete Yomif Kejelcha finished 5th in the 1,500m, 3,000m hurdles for Mecha Girma 8th.

In other athletics news, Uganda’s Joshua Chepetege, who has been held by Athlete Kenenisa Bekele for 16 years, is the 10th athlete to win the 2020 Diamond League.

The 5,000-meter record broke 12: 35.36! Pope Francis delivered a message to Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan today, according to information I received from a colleague of the Vatican Press!

In a speech to the Vatican, the pope said he was closely monitoring the “difficult talks” between the three countries on the Renaissance Dam and called on all parties to follow up on the negotiations.

“The eternal river should bring unity, not division. We should not allow the river to cause conflict, but brotherhood and prosperity,” he added.

He repeatedly called on the “brotherly countries” of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan to adhere to the negotiations. “Haile Hotels and Resorts” owned by Athlete Haile Selassie to invest in Gorgora!

Management of Haile Hotels and Resorts visited Central Gondar Zone and West Dembiya Woreda officials in Gorgora area today.

Gorgora is a land of great monasteries and Lake Tana. However, for various reasons, it has not been developed, according to the zonal administration.

He said about 10 hotels and lodges have been constructed in southern Ethiopia so far, adding that it is planned to build eight hotels and lodges in northern Ethiopia. How are you?

General Knowledge: The US Apple Corps now has a market cap of 1.95 trillion. This means that the company’s estimate exceeds the annual GDP of Canada, Russia or Spain.

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