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I think the other name of journalism is Meaza Birru

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I think the other name of journalism is Meaza Birru!

I think the other name of journalism is Meaza Birru!

I remember when Meaza Birru interviewed Seyoum in the past, she said, “You are said to be influenced by Sebhat.”

He replied that he had heard that, but now that people have seen my writing, I think I have my own color that says, “This article is his knowledge.”
That’s how I feel.

I know it has its own color. If an unwritten tradition were written to me and I was asked to identify the author, I do not think I would have lost anything.

I think the humorous, humorous presentation of his writings, especially with his reading of history, can be distinguished by his knowledge. This is how he traditionally softens history. Taste this

Tell the story!
(Name by Knowledge)
once upon a time; The mighty ones of Shia; They overthrew Menelik’s son Zewditu on the throne after he was ousted from power! Teferi Mekonnen was awarded the title of “Algawrash” and “Enderasie” by a young prince. They patted him on the shoulder and assured him that he would be able to reach him slowly.

Teferi could not bear to die until he died, Shake! He became the creator of his kingdom, The power struggle soon began between the Queen and the Crown Prince! The government is divided between Zed and Tefe; As the Ethiopian people judged him, he feared the consequences of the violence.

Zed was not as smart as Empress Taytu; of course Menelik’s relatives and patriots were by his side; On top of that, I am Menelik’s direct heir, and the masses are with me
She is distracted: Tefe, on the other hand, is not a direct heir; He knows the flaws !!

So he fell asleep and got busy, His father used his wealth to seduce the heir apparent; he recruited many of the queen’s spies; Most of the young men began to line up at his side, Occasionally, the crown jewels tried to reward Teferi; Tefe repeatedly thwarted their attempts; Soon, Teferi came out on top! Of the Crown
He even snatched away the powers that be.

“Power does not rest on its laurels unless it encompasses what is around it,” said Rudolf Rocker, an al-Mengist scholar. It is no coincidence that the name of a coward is a common horse!

Gradually, the royal power became a sham! She could not afford to do anything but eat and kiss the church! She became the head of state without any government authority; Tesema’s father, Tesema Eshete, who observed this, laughed in his heart and released the following single!

“Sit in a hall, and eat and drink and drink
Menelik’s Son Looks Like a Picture ”

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