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“If You Have Nothing to Say, Do Not Raise Your Hand.”

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girum ermias “If You Have Nothing to Say, Do Not Hold Back”

girum ermias “If You Have Nothing to Say, Do Not Hold Back”

“If You Have Nothing to Say, Not Raise Your Hand.”

Gruem Ermias

Wisdom rejoices when it finds its mate. When it meets the wise, it rejoices like the rivers of Babylon. Of course, they have a great deal to do with acting. He and Wisdom came together by chance and created a special bond. Born in the heart of the Creator, imaginatively designed to describe another aspect of the world, the story is sown in the context of the wonderful Jeremiah.

Born in Addis Ababa’s Teklehaimanot area, you will find him as a soldier, not as a great soldier, but as a child. He dreamed of becoming a true soldier. Life has taken its toll on her and she has reigned supreme in acting today.
When she finds a wise man who gives her a beautiful throne, she reigns with great majesty. Where and for what holiday artist? How and with whom does he spend time? What is his social and family life like? We’ve been talking about a lot of traditions.

Success indicators
He has won several awards for his outstanding performances in more than 20 films. ), At the 10th Ethiopian Film Festival and Guma Award for Best Male Actor (Lamba)
90.7 and Sheger FM, the recipient of the award, is the most successful artist in the field of film.

A choice of entertainment A well-known artist is looking forward to a special day with himself and his family. Sunday. As recognition increases, so much responsibility turns into much more diligence. Hard work does not bargain Sunday is a special day for myself and my family. ”My best time with my wife and children.
I love him very much. ”

Sometimes out-of-town nature resorts and recreation are often spent reading books, movies, hobbies, and games with family. Spending time with the children is one of the most rewarding activities of his life.
Grum, an active participant in various social activities, is often accustomed to exercising during his vacations at the request of family and friends. As a child, Grum’s long-standing social life, personality, and lifestyle continue to be the same.

When he wants to look his best, he wears a pair of trousers and a shirt, and he wears a T-shirt with jeans. When he opens the wardrobe, he chooses what he thinks is cool. The artist, who claims to be versatile in clothing, also says that it is his habit to wear modern clothes.

If he had the opportunity to be reborn with his grandfather, he would never want to be anything but an Ethiopian. He says that Ethiopian traditional food is his choice. He repeatedly told her that if they were served as spice, they would taste good.

girum ermias “If You Have Nothing to Say, Do Not Hold Back”
girum ermias “If You Have Nothing to Say, Do Not Hold Back”

The artist’s message: “We Ethiopians are built on the spirit of cooperation. We need to spend this time caring for each other, because our unity and bond are bound together. ” Reasonableness: The very good saying, “If you do not speak, do not raise your hand,” is a principle of life. I’m done. Let’s face it.

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