April 11, 2021



In New Zealand, a law will be enacted that requires the terminally ill to die voluntarily.

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The Conversation Assisted dying will become legal in New Zealand in a year

The Conversation Assisted dying will become legal in New Zealand in a year

A law will be enacted that requires the terminally ill to die voluntarily.

In New Zealand
The Conversation Assisted dying will become legal in New Zealand in a year
The Conversation Assisted dying will become legal in New Zealand in a year

In last month’s referendum, 65.2% of voters endorsed the death penalty. Eutenesis is the process by which people who are seriously ill or who have been told that they will not live for more than six months die. The law is expected to be approved in October next year.

New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world where the death penalty is passed. The Netherlands and Canada are among the countries where Uthmania is allowed. When New Zealanders elected their leader last month, they held a referendum on the death penalty.

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