March 1, 2021



In the church, women’s underwear was shaved!

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In the church, women's underwear was shaved!

In the church, women's underwear was shaved!

Hey, where are we going, brave man!

In the church, women’s underwear was shaved!

Pastor Doing unbelievable Thing 2020

The main purpose of this channel is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and information that we have received, which we find useful to share with others. Here are the first contributions!

“Zala Karmosh” by Ephraim M.D. Vaccinated startup is a collection of historical articles. Here you will find the first few prophetic narrations. The 1966/67 revolution focused on the socio-political context of the country and its key actors. Read them as you wish. You also have the right to share and comment on articles.

The US Hurricane Center has announced that a tropical hurricane, dubbed “Isaiah”, has caused heavy rain and wind to hit the Caribbean!

Isaiah is expected to attack the state of Miami and the Caribbean island of Porterico.
Congratulations to Ethio Telecom for your huge profits!

In some neighborhoods, such a left-and-right well-drilled hole in the ground for Tele Broadband Internet expansion has lost access to the public. There is no way out, especially when it rains.

Considering it is a problem for many neighborhoods.
The speedometer installation process on cars that is complaining to the public!

When I saw last night’s news about the modernization of the transport sector and the road sector plans for the coming years, I remembered the advent of this speedometer. I heard that the Ministry of Transport came up with the idea to reduce traffic accidents in our country.

As a result, vehicles with new license plates will not be able to get a license plate without this device, and those who have already received a license plate will be required to do so when they are “bolo”. About 20 companies have been selected for the project, and drivers are required to pay 9,500 birr to install the speedometer.

I have received many suggestions that the problem is not only the amount of money involved, but also the process. It is known to be especially difficult for those who post new boards. According to the recommendations, in addition to the time it takes to install the device in the first place, there is a very tedious and tedious process to get a letter from the Ministry of Transport to get a board, followed by the spread of cholera virus.

“There was no internet for three weeks, so we waited, and then we agreed to make a letter of promise. Then we just sat there waiting for a letter saying that the internet had been installed,” said one person who said he even knew a transmitter or a date.

“He thinks the operation in the transport offices in each sub-city is unfair. If an employee is said to have gone on vacation, to stop crying, etc., he will stop working,” said another complainant.

Speed ​​control is a good idea, but it should be considered to mislead the public without adequate preparation.

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