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Israeli Legendary spy Eli Cohen “Our man in Damascus” Short Story

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israel spy eli cohen

israel spy eli cohen

Unusually, Addis Ababa is raining like a cotton ball for the night
Many of its residents were peaceful because the cold had reached Negative 8 He could not sleep, and he woke them up
When she lied, the woman lied to her husband and tried to bring him warmth They try. The loneliness is the loneliness of those who have their loneliness They try to keep warm, but they do not succeed. no more
In this case, as the night wore on, this cotton-like snow melted and
The cold snapped, and it disappeared.
It didn’t look like it was cold in the morning, it smelled like coals in the morning
The sun has risen. But for Michael, this light is not visible to the sun
Suddenly the loneliness of the night plunged into his loneliness
The cold that the sun had penetrated into them, because they were trapped in the bones
He may be able to help her out, but he may not be able to see her
He cannot.
“You know, Hebron, to be good and to be good, you won’t find a gift in Harry.”
If you say you’re bad, you can be right now, ”said Michael
If you don’t have Hebron, double what you are leading
Argo put it in his pocket, holding Hebron’s hand tightly, and he straightened up
Confused, he saw Michael. “….. I claim Hebron is the hardest thing
It’s to lead a person to the road … “
“I don’t understand what you’re saying, Mickey,” said Hebron
“You’re an author now. How can you not understand this … My father and mother.”
As a kid, I used to go to bed at night and go to bed
When I woke up in the morning, our mother was under the Creator in all four directions
Always post a note saying your dad loves you so much
I grew up reading it all the time so that I could understand the love of someone other than them
He did it for me, ”he said, shocked to see Hebron again.
“Did you see Michael before?”

israel spy eli cohen
israel spy eli cohen

Arriving at the organization’s door, they entered the compound without answering. At the door
The guards rose from their seats and greeted Michael respectfully
They greeted him with a salute
He turned around and saw the staff looking sad.
Finally, go to the office where the owner and manager of the company are located
When they arrived, they knocked on the door and opened it
The young man was kissing on the lips of love and they looked at the door in shock
As they saw it, Hebron put his finger on their lips not to tell Michael
They told him.
“Hebron is also worthy of respect for your work,” said Michael.
“And what are you looking for today?” Said the manager for a minute
They chose silence.

She looked at him with a wide-eyed look on her face
She leaned back in her leather-covered wheelchair, and she leaned forward
She sat down … she saw Michael and continued and then the Hebron next to him
She saw her husband, who was silent, and returned her eyes to Michael.
“Who was your name?” Said Hebron
This man, who was angry with Hebron, was despised by Harry, who always forgot his name
She tries to draw. Hold Michael’s hand.
“Leave Hebron ……. I’m not new until you change it
“I don’t need it,” he said, releasing his hand.
“Sit down … You’re just as smart as you know
Sit down and tell me what you are going to do. ”Michael
He went straight to the chair and put on his black glasses
Fix it. “… I have a meeting.”
“I don’t know where I live now
It’s cold, I can’t have another pest, so change me to a better house. “
She is completely humble. She laughed at him.
“What I’m doing for you is for you.
“Be brave,” she said.
“Yes, you are right. Peace be upon you. How many things have you done to me?”
Thank you and the Creator will reward you. ”He smiled
Her beautiful face turned pale with anger.
“Every time you come, I’m tired of hearing your jokes.”
Call me or send me a Hebron so you don’t come back to this office …..
I called Horizon to find you a condominium today and tell him to go now
She said contemptuously.
“Okay, but let him hurry, let me call and tell him,” he said, pulling the phone out of his pocket
As he was about to call out, Salam grabbed his wife, who was standing next to him
You see the horizon
“Don’t call me. I’ll call him. You’ll be in today.”
Don’t rush him home, just leave me alone. ”She said hello. Michael smiled
Grandpa said good-bye and took Hebron with him.
As soon as they left, she looked at her husband’s horizon
“My love, I have something to suspect about this man,” she said
She is feeling emotional.
” what is it ?” She has a horizon.
“I think we’re playing and I think his eyes are starting to go out after he goes out
“He knows you’re here,” she said, expressing her fears
You are watching.
“Are you worried about something that doesn’t bother you?” To simplify the matter
“Oh, it doesn’t bother me. It’s just that I’m worried. Wait. Wait.”
We’ll probably see, OK, ”she said as she sat up and kissed his lips
I kissed him.
Peace is very beautiful and it has a position that quickly attracts a man’s heart
An unattractive man who sees her will suddenly see their light
She is using this beauty to her advantage.
Michael and Hebron go on the road Hebron doesn’t mind many questions
When all the employees enter the premises of the premises, they are assigned to Michael
Sincere respect and the manager of the company who were talking to him
He went to the office and said, “If you don’t change it in the office.”
He was the owner or manager of this company, who shook his head
Is it? He is confused.
“Hebron is not enough for you …? If you think about me or your head explodes
“Or you’re crazy. Okay, brother,” said Michael Hebron
When he got married, he stopped and looked back
Hebron’s phone rang again and again.
“I thought you were sent silver. The woman called and said, ‘Come on, you are my light.’
“Mickey said …
Surprised to see Hebron standing, he picked up the phone.
“Where were you when you idiot called so much,” she said on the phone
Sound …. he breathed a sigh of relief
“I think the money was sent … I sent you an insult,” Michael laughed.

It seemed to be carrying a quintal of teff over his shoulder in the bright sun
He was breathing heavily. That there is something that has made it so bitter
He was announcing Hebron. It was fun for Michael to be like this.
“Okay, tell me what you wanted to see me,” said Hebron angrily
“What did you tell me? You are useless …” said the fire burning in the phone
Words like flames.
“Okay, tell me if you have anything to say to me, otherwise I have no room for insults
“I’m going to delay it,” she said bitterly.
“Your mother gave birth to you,” said the woman, still staring at the phone
“If you hadn’t given birth to me, we wouldn’t have met …” He immediately hung up the phone and
In a fit of rage, he went to see Michael, holding his stomach and laughing heartily
He smiled and held out his hand as he started to walk.
“It’s true, Mickey. I miss my loneliness. Why don’t you give me back?”
Michael laughed again, and Hebron saw him and loved him
This is Harry, he doesn’t like to be overwhelmed by anything, and he takes things seriously
He is uncomfortable and easy to deal with when he is having trouble with himself or others
But he does not know when he is worried
Hebron is in a state of shock.
“You’re going to call … you’re going to call.”
The phone rang and he hung up and a few minutes later he called again and again
In the middle, Michael laughed heartily and finally called Hebron on the phone
He made him shut up.
“Mickey, she’s not mad at me, you’re just kidding me.”
“You’re going to vent her anger on me … Wait, you’re sorry
You carry a sun-kissed charcoal shoulder, why don’t you leave it
“Mickey said
“How can she send me thousands of dollars to leave her …” said Hebron
Michael could not help but smile, kneel down, and hold his stomach.
The sun went down to the tabernacle as you struggled the earth like an iron pan
The moon rises to cool. Where is the phone during the day?
Asked if they had a car, they drove to their new home in the condominium
They took a bedroom with them and unknowingly took all the furniture
All new items have been added and improved.
When they arrived at the condominium and got out of the car, two women, one of whom was a girl
She holds it, but they are both beautiful. Hebron looked up at them
Looking at their comments
“They never stopped seeing a man. They’re in prison,” he said
He was surprised by their comments.
“Who are the Kabu? They’ve never been women. They’ve created you.”
They are not going to support you, they are going to provoke me. ”
“How did you find out they were women?”
“They’re the ones who are going to burn you,” he laughed
He took them home and the women were watching in amazement
The car is beautiful because the clothes you wear and the car you come from do not match
The clothes they are wearing simply enter and pass by
Next was the house. And when Michael and his men passed by.
“And what kind of person are you?” Said the girl
“What?” Said the cherub, angrily holding Michael’s hand and turning to him
“Don’t be angry, Cub. I hate you, not because you ignored them
“Of course one means she loves you,” he said, laughing
When he enters the house, he sees Hebron angrily.
“I’m not the iron in the coals to melt.”
“Let me put another fire on me,” she said angrily
He realizes that he is angry and laughs at him.

Hebron … Hebron … Hebron … Hebron … Hebron … Hebron … Hebron … Hebron … Hebron ….
… The bell rang repeatedly and he had no choice but to pick up the phone
His ears were ringing with tears.
“Please forgive me, my beautiful one. I shouldn’t have said that.”
I’m sorry, you know what I say when we are angry
I don’t know, “she said in a tearful voice.
“Every time you get angry and insult me, I owe it to myself
How many times have I told you that I don’t like insults?
She has Hebron.
“Okay, I’m sorry. I love you so much.”
“You have to swear because you love me. You say swearing strengthens love.”
Do you think so? She said
“I don’t think it’s true. I don’t think it’s because you think you lost,” she said
She was still crying and crying
“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing
Insults seem to be a cover for your guilt
It does not separate, it does not strengthen, it destroys faith, it does not strengthen faith
“Okay … don’t cry right now. I don’t like it when you cry.”
It was true, he didn’t like it when a girl cried, no matter what
He just cares about her lies.
“Okay, I’m sorry,” she stopped crying.
“What choice do I have? Love is always needed.” Fragrance
She smiled happily and.
“Now go to the bank and I’ll send you the money,” she said
“What if you left the money you were sending me for good money and gave me a good love
He must be very angry and emotional.
Michael got out of the taxi and led the way
He wanted to go upstairs and go upstairs with the elevator
When he arrived, he went straight to an office, knocked on the door
A young man entered and greeted him politely and exchanged greetings
He put the young Michael back in health and asked if he was OK
He told him and the reason he came was to lend him money
He has no problem and can take as much money as he wants and whenever he wants
Michael thanked him from the bottom of his heart and the young man thanked him
He told him that he did not deserve it and that he had done the little thing that Michael had done for him.
Hi, I was so upset that I took the papers to the conference hall
Nearly 6 long tables surrounded each of the organization
She looked at the people in charge and put the papers in her hand on the table
They are all staring at her in shock, with a chair in front of them
She sat up and looked at them angrily.
“Who can explain to me how all this loss came about?”
“There’s an explanation,” she said, looking at them angrily
You’ve fallen.
“Hello partner …….” she stopped before he could finish
“I am not your friend
You heard me say you can only speak with your hand outstretched, ”she said
“Our partners and partners all say they don’t want to work with us
You have stopped. I will never tell you, my lady
I later stopped and said, “She has an ID that shows that she is a member of the organization.”
He threw her out and left, and then they all left her in turn and left the company
Shocked, they all left without answering, angrily saying, “You’re all hungry
You will come to the desert … What did I do? What did they do?
“She broke down the papers in front of her in frustration,” she said
“It’s a job. I’ll work for it. I’m not safe.”

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