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Keria Ibrahim’s Pregnancy – How did Keria Ibrahim’s marriage end?

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Keria Ibrahim surrendered to the government

Keria Ibrahim surrendered to the government

How did Keria Ibrahim’s marriage end?

Ibrahim had a shop. He used to run this shop in his hometown of Wukro.
Their daughter was a beautiful student.

At home they had a faithful servant. He works in a shop. He has been living at home for many years and because of his loyalty, they give him to his beautiful and talented student, Mr. Ibrahim.

They got married and started living together.

Keria Ibrahim surrendered to the government
One of the most wanted TPLF members, Keria Ibrahim, surrendered to the government.

Former Speaker of the House of Federation, Keria has served in the TPLF and EPRDF executive positions as well as in other senior government positions.

He is one of the top leaders of the TPLF whose immunity has recently been revoked.

It is worth noting that months ago, Kerry resigned from the post of Speaker of the House of Federation, saying, “I will not be part of the historic mistake.”

She worked as a civil servant, got married, and got married. They had three children. But because of work, they lived apart.

Most of all, she moved from Wukro to a town called Hiwane where she worked as a rural farmer

While working as a farmer, she had the opportunity to enter the political world as a cadre.

In a short time, she joined the TPLF and gained popularity.

She was taken from her workplace to Hurso, where she was given intermediate leadership training.

While her surrender may be a intelligence-based spying, the security forces must conduct a thorough investigation until the security situation is fully investigated.

More importantly, she began to meet secretly with senior TPLF officials. At one point, she grew up in the kebele and into the region.

She became more and more popular.

The father of her and her children despised her, as if it were said that marriage would fall apart when power and fame came.

She said that her job at the house she used to return to once a month was to insult and insult him.

It didn’t take long for her husband to leave her with her suitcase and a small mattress as her maid.

He rented a small house in Mekele and left his three children behind and began living a miserable life alone.

People who know him and who are saddened by the story bought him a sewing machine and gave him a sewing machine.

She always had an unforgettable statement: “Take my wife.”

So this is a person who has no morals and ethics.

Personality is measured by marital fidelity. No one will believe her if she says that she left her civilization today for the sake of power and fame.

Her conscience has been sold out !! It hurts the unscrupulous to say we have a conscience !! The author of this story is Keria Ibrahim, a member of the TPLF Central Committee and Speaker of the House of Federation who resigned yesterday.

Written by yemaneh negusie!

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