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Last weekend! – Stay Alive!

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Last weekend! - Stay Alive!

Last weekend! - Stay Alive!

Speaking at the graduation ceremony at Stanford University in 2005, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said to the graduates: When you know that you are going to die tomorrow, you are only fooling yourself with fear, shame, shame, and failure.

If you are not afraid to think like that, let’s accept Steve’s argument today and think like this with me. Today is Monday. Normal or busy calendar is the first day of the week. If this week is the last week I have lived on this earth, it will be Sunday before the end of the week. . .

• George: Who do I apologize to?
• George: Who can forgive my sins?
• George: What kind of quarrel do you give up?
• George: What is the return of misappropriated property?
• George: Who are the people I want to tell them I love?
• What work do I want to complete?
• Who do I want to spend time with?
• George: What is my risk for success?

It may not be true that this is the last week, but it is true that if the above actions are taken this week, it will make a dramatic difference in our lives. Let’s do it!

Every time my 14-year-old brother commits a crime, he disappears from the house, what can I do?

My youngest brother is 14 years old. He has grown up with me since he was a child. Our father is an angry man. No, I don’t know how long it will be like this, or I’m afraid one day it will disappear and I will be homeless. I’d like you to advise us on what to do.

Children are more likely to be influenced by parenting than by natural traits. Your brother’s behavior is no different. You see the pressure on your brother to grow up to be beaten for 14 years by your father’s angry rod. Therefore, before your brother’s behavior can be corrected, your father’s aggressive behavior should be corrected. Whether you can afford it or not is another question.

Your brother is sad and worried. As he fled from his home in fear of losing his temper, he was confronted by a 14-year-old immature head, and returned when he was worried. He says he is not used to it, and he does it again. However, before he can honor his statement that he is not used to it, they need to correct your father’s angry behavior. (If there is another problem, such as peer pressure, you have the responsibility to look at it that way).

By the way, even if your father changes this, you still have a lot of work to do to deal with your brother’s psychological crisis. Think carefully about the damage that will follow. You need to have a broad family discussion without wasting more time trying to correct the cause of the problem (your father) instead of trying to fix the problem (your brother).

I want to run away from home with my two baby girls, but I am afraid I will regret late, what should I do?

Question: –
Hi, pls help me. I am deciding to run away from my family, my husband and my town with my two baby girls. I am tired of everything in my life .. I am a loser except for my daughters. I need change with the existing situation. I can’t change anything. But if I moved out It will help. It’s because my marriage is not working anymore. Here my question is, will I regret? I just want to go.

Answer: –
I can understand what you are going through. Sometimes life’s burden can seem unbearable. That being said, you need to remember that this kind of overwhelming feeling doesn’t come overnight. It comes though time, because we don’t take corrective measures when things happen. And so we wait and wait, and finally going away becomes the only way out.

The end of the above mentioned situation will most probably cause you to regret sometimes down the road. That is mainly because while you go away from the physical place geographically, you cannot go away from yourself and from the situation.

Before you make this drastic step try to calm down and find other alternatives to solve the problem. Since I do not know the exact problem you are facing and the steps you have taken so far, my suggestion for now is to please calm down and reevaluate your decision.

I can’t agree because my sister, who lives abroad and helps me learn, wants to take control of everything, so I want to stay calm and not hurt her. What can I do?

Hi Dr. He is 24 years old. If Allah wills, I will graduate this year in engineering. She is my older sister, who is 12 years older than I am. She left the country when I was 8 years old (13 years old). Since then, our relationship has continued not only as a brother and sister but also as a helper and helper. When we returned to Ethiopia recently, we could not reach an agreement with Harry.

  1. She wants me to take her orders and take all the orders from her
  2. The way I am going is wrong and she threatens me that I will succeed if she does not call me (I really don’t think she is financially successful or successful)
  3. You don’t allow me to lead myself, but I think I am better than anyone else. I think I can show her the way, not only myself, but I am very confident in myself.
    My question is how can I continue my path without offending her? I don’t want to offend her and I want to pay her debt.

First of all, let me start by reminding you to consider yourself fortunate because you have a sister who has taught you to make such sacrifices. I would like to commend you for your kind, unselfish approach. Many wish for this opportunity, while others miss it.

If we try to guess together why your sister is treating you this way,

First of all, your sister has a great sisterhood with you, which, when combined with your age, makes her a very careful sister. Your second sister also played the role of mother. One of the reasons why she has to take on this role as a sister is because of the age difference between you and the girl you need to support. In her opinion, you are her little brother and her “daughter” who can be hurt without her help. She expressed her feelings not only in words but also in support of the money she earned while working abroad.

It could be that your sister is approaching you in this way because of her attitude or personal behavior. Some people drop their help and give you ideas. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this, and you may end up in a coma.

I advise you to be patient with your sister’s behavior. why?

  1. As long as your beloved sister’s motives are sincere, as long as you show unwavering support for years. . .
  2. Unless your sister tells you to do something wrong, as long as it is not a bad thing. . .
  3. How often does this situation increase your stress with your sister when you come home? . .
  4. As long as you are a 24-year-old graduate and have just started your own life. . .
    No matter how difficult your sister’s situation may seem, be patient. What she has done and is doing to you is far greater than the superstitious attitude she shows you. The time for self-sufficiency is much closer than the long years of support. So if you take matters into your own hands, you will not be able to deal with them in the future. So let him pass.

At the same time, your ability to guide yourself and your progress is much better than what you have told me. One of the great ways in which you can demonstrate this progress is by developing this uncomfortable feeling with your sister as a way for both of you to emerge victorious and at peace. That’s where you can live without losing your way and without forgetting her debt.

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