April 11, 2021



Lij Micheal – Mengede

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lij michael new album

lij michael new album

To the land where I came from
Except to please the person
Nothing bad will happen to me.



I heard my father stop
It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring
Massage the body with tea
Is it a blessing that goes hand in hand?
Door without door closure
It was your habit to be with a neighbor
Who does not call your own name
He began to sow seed from the table
I’m not saying I won’t cry
Just don’t get tired of your address

There is also a seed that is eaten as barley
How man eats his seed
It is plowed above the ground
I came to this point without seeing an ox
Where did the bull go?
What happened to Agajus is that he did not wake up
They told me he was diligent
They say we can’t afford it
Man’s country, dear Adel’s heart
Yabulutj’s conspiracy from door to door
If you give it to him, he will do evil
Above all evil, honey.

To the land where I came from
Except to please the person
Nothing bad will happen to me.

Lij Micheal – Mengede

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