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No one runs first, no one wins alone!

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Mother's hand!

Mother's hand!

❤❤❤ Mother’s hand! ❤❤❤

She gets up and goes downstairs as usual
The issue of the house is not you or what awaits you
You don’t think so
Leaving your own comfort and living for a man
The smoke smells of clothes and hurts my eyes
She’s my kids, but she knows me
It will be morning and it will be morning again
He knew in that look that he had found her.
It’s still morning …

# ❤ # You’re so busy # ❤ #

When Tewodros campaigned to mobilize Shaw, he was bravely fought by a man – Bezabh (Bezu Aba Dikr)
Describing Teddy Menelik’s heroism when he captured him, he said, “I am no better than you, but with a crown.” (How can a hero like Teddy be so brave?)
When he said no, he turned to Tewodros and betrayed them. Menelik soon became the ruler of Shoa until he escaped from Tedros.
When Menelik II came, the people turned to Menelik and wished him well, but he did not.
But in a country where he was being called a king, he did not like being handed over to another king, so he waited for the day.
Menelik’s men began advising him to turn around. Menelik loved his heroism and wanted to keep him for a bad day, but he refused to listen to his advisers.
One day, they were called to the compound, where they were found with their rifles in their hands.
They were immediately charged, sentenced to death, and shot.
When they died, weapons and horses were given to the gatekeeper. Dejach Germame is lame. (It looks like they have a smaller heart than you do.)
How surprised are the boron and abduction of so many horses?
Germame Band kicks them.
If they give it to him, he will receive it;
With his heart or with courage.
(Tsetse, Emperor Yohannes and Ethiopian Unity from 72-75)
Ruhama Mengistu

! ❤! No one runs first, no one wins alone! ❤!

A story from a collection of stories looks like this:
One day there was a very angry boy. The father gave him a carton full of nails to control his son’s behavior; “When you feel angry, pull out a nail and hammer it against a wooden wall,” he said.
On the first day, the boy obeyed his father and was nailed to the wall with twenty-five nails. He was angry twenty-five times. Over the next few days, his anger subsided. The number of nails nailed to the wall gradually decreased.
He gained an understanding. “Managing anger is easier than hacking,” he said. Finally, He completely lost his temper. He went to his father, “Dad, I stopped being angry,” he said.
His father: He said, “Take one nail out of the wall for each day of your anger.” Gradually the boy pulled out the nails, “Dad, I have obeyed your command. There is not a single nail in the wall. ”
The father took his son to the wall, “You did well, son! But look at the holes in the wall. The holes will not disappear. The more you get angry, the more likely you are to get hurt. You can stab someone with a knife and pull out the knife. But the wound is still there. The fry is there.
You can apologize a thousand times for your anger. But the wound is still there. The anger of your words always leaves a scar on your body. Realize the worst and never repeat it again! ”

Anger, anger, emotion, and the use of force are not always signs of failure. Instead, they weigh in on the damage. Power disturbs the balance of the mind. Trying to solve a sudden situation with anger and force can cause many nails to hit our walls with a hammer.

When left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. The temporary solution is a parent of permanent scars. It is wise to consider peaceful discussion as a priority.

Denying that there is a problem; Believing and seeking solutions is the strong hand of good leadership. Cottage milk butter comes out! Satisfaction is not good for the country and the people. Prompt action can do more harm than good.

“Anger and emotion are anti-productive in the long run. Always be calm and honest. If you calm down and make your opponent angry, the benefits are yours! Balance your opponents.

They run: but grab the rope! ”Says Robert Green. The one who has a heart is careful. If we make mistakes, let’s fix it – but don’t say, “If I’m ashamed, don’t give me back.” “If you spit on him, spit on him!”

“Do not hurry.

Urgency can make it difficult for you to control yourself. They also force you to spend time in style. Always be patient. The last day will be yours. Spy on the right moment. Your ability to smell time is crucial to being transformed into a victorious power. If your time is not ripe, retreat. But when it is ripe, do not delay; Hit it all together, ”says the author quoted above.

Those who say they will marry us and believe in dialogue will have the capacity to solve problems. Our country needs bright-hearted people. Stomach – She is looking for smart and talented people who are capable of being emotional. Just as our problems are many and deep-rooted, they need to be read by the shoulders of many, the struggles of many, the minds of many – not just one person. One organization, one association, one institution cannot solve them. The proverb “No one can run alone, no one can win alone.” Non-participatory leadership suggests that the benefits are small !!

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