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OLF Shene also r***d men – Others

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Translated of Shimeles Abdisa Oromo Speech from Oromia to Amharic
Shimeles Abdissa speech

Shimeles Abdissa speech

Translated by Shimeles Abdisa Oromo Speech

  • “OLF Shen also r888d men” | Others

Washington DC –

A senior member of the Prosperity Party and President of the Oromia Regional State, Shimeles Abdissa, was quoted as saying on social media eight months ago.

Will Shimeles Abdissa’s controversial speech be shared by the leaders of the Prosperity Party? Raised the question.

The Amhara Prosperity Party has been holding discussions on regional and national issues for the past two days. Following the conclusion of the discussion, Amhara Prosperity Party Office Head, Agenehu Teshager made a statement last night.

He said the rule of law, the cholera epidemic, the political party of the prosperous party, the review of summer activities, the issues that followed the assassination of artist Hachalu Hundesa and Shimeles Abdissa were discussed at the meeting.

He said the rule of law has been broken down in the state.

“As a result, the people who are wanted by law have been brought to justice and the peace in the region as a whole has been strengthened,” he said.

“We are working with the people to ensure that peace is not restored,” he said.

He said the spread of cholera virus is increasing in the state, adding that efforts have been made to increase the capacity of the investigation.

In a response to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s remarks in Bahir Dar today, Shimeles’ comments were erroneous and his comments should be reviewed, his spokesman Nigusu Tilahun said.

The head of the Oromia Regional State Communication Bureau, Getachew Balcha, told ENA that he had not been able to comment on the matter and would return to the country in the future.

However, he said that the ongoing work will be strengthened to ensure that the neglect does not cost money.

Murder and displacement

Following the assassination of artist Hachalu Hundesan, the conference condemned the killings and displacements in various parts of the country.

“We don’t want anyone to die,” he said. “We are fighting for the dead and for justice.”

He also acknowledged the efforts made by the Oromia regional government in bringing the perpetrators to justice and the party’s discussions with youths, elders and religious leaders.

Gizaw Legesse is one of those who listened to Shimeles’ speech and expressed his views on social media.

Gizaw, an IT resident and IT expert in the Washington, DC area, has been involved in Ethiopian politics since the EPRDF and has been known for his views on various media outlets. We talked to them.

He further said that they will work with the Oromia regional government to bring the perpetrators to justice.

He noted that the work we are doing to rehabilitate those displaced and homeless will continue.

He said the party will work together with other regions to achieve the goals set by the party’s conference, which will enable Amharas living outside the state to be represented, educated in their language and judged.

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OLF Shene also r***d men – Others

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