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Once An Amazing Person Says”I am a citizen of the world”

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Diogenes and Alexander - after Gandolfi

Diogenes and Alexander - after Gandolfi

“Listen, didn’t you create something for your mouth? Closing
“It just doesn’t work,” said Serkalem
She walked over to him and stood there.
“I’m not a woman named Sami. Don’t get carried away without knowing who you are,” she said
She looked at him with contempt.
“How can I see your identity more than that?”
How can I see you in a minute? “
She is being stoned.

Diogenes and Alexander - after Gandolfi
Diogenes and Alexander – after Gandolfi

“You hear that I have given you bread, I am a big company and
I own a company, I don’t grow bread, okay, ”she said, turning to Michael

You see, he just sits and listens to both conversations
He sat down and looked at her as if he were entertaining her
The lack of addition drove her.
“Have you ever been deceived or stolen by this beauty that you own a company?
It should be, but you will never do it with your tongue. “
When Michael laughed, Serkalem was shocked and said hello
You see him angrily.
“What are you laughing at? What did you mean? I woke up from this house
I have something to say to you that I will not let you go
Get me out of here, ”she said
“Hello, you are the culprit. I told you you were insulted
It’s easier than you think, to respect a beggar like me
If you do, no one will respect you, no one will respect you, ”she said
“You are advising me. You … you me … without knowing about yourself.”
Get it out now. “
“I’m sorry, my sister. I apologize for her bad talk.”
I’m sorry to bother you … “He said calmly and politely.
“Show me who I am, just as you showed me who she is
it was . “She jumped out of the car, threw the door behind her, and left.
Hi, she’s watching me angrily after I leave.
“You made me rude and made her polite. Do you have fun at night?”
She sat down on the couch angrily and saw Michael laughing.
“I didn’t think she was going to be angry with me
He doesn’t like it when you pick it up, but if someone tells me to pick it up because I am rejected
“OK,” he said
“I’m jealous of you and I’m angry with you … I lost so much man
None in the country When I think back to the time I spent with you
I hate it and I hate it. Okay, trust me, that’s all I hate. “
She was furious when Michael laughed at her and said, “… this is your thing
“When someone I hate gets angry, but you laugh, that’s what annoys me.”
She said angrily. He slammed her back.
“Your words and thoughts are always funny. Why did your house see a woman?”
The ex-wife is angry because she hates you … “
She punched him in the face.
“And I told you not to laugh, don’t upset me,” she said angrily
“I mean, I’m going to be deprived of my right to laugh !! … OK, now the main thing
You can tell why you came, ”she said
“Yeah, he’s better. The reason I’m here is because you’re my company partner.”
You told them to end their contract, ”she laughed again
When you are angry.
“My wealth, my property, my organizations, my money, my good and supportive wife
You have robbed me of everything, and your partners have persuaded me to flee
The first thing I did was to fix your products, “she said, laughing.”
She got up from her seat in a fit of rage and left the house
She left. She got down the stairs, got into her car, picked up the phone, and called Hebron
Tell him you want an office right now and tell him to come
She got up and angrily chased after him.
Michael then asked Serkalem to apologize as soon as she left
She went and knocked on the door several times, and when she realized it was him, she went upstairs
Her face changed in anger
“What are you doing? Go and get here with your wife for that sharp razor.”
“Don’t come,” she said, laughing in surprise as she closed the door
Hold him.
“I heard I was a good writer,” she said, smiling and greeting Hebron
Sitting and talking.
“Thank you,” she said politely.
“It doesn’t matter if you want to make a movie or not because you have no money
And you don’t have a sponsor to give you a spell
I heard they were eating, ”she said
“Yes, you’re right. When you’re a writer, you either need money or a relative
“I’m not lucky. I don’t have anything on either side.”
“So from now on you’re lucky if you don’t spoil yourself for me all
What I want from you is about Mickey
You spy on me for all the women who do what they do
Will you tell me? ”Hebron refused at first
The money he spends on his day after he expresses his disagreement
She promised him that she would give it to him every day, but he refused for a few minutes
He said persuasive things and finally agreed.

A faint sigh of relief ….. his lips like the sun rising from the clouds
His teeth were shining like the sun on her eyebrows
Brightly illuminated by the beauty of color without the need for an artist’s brush
She was printing pictures for both of them.
“What do you want from me, man?” She said angrily
“You see, the Creator Himself says, ‘Do not deprive children. I love children.’
Please don’t stop her, ”she said politely.
“It will never be and never will be
It’s almost as if confidence has been lost. OK, the morning before our mother sold the hat
When her customers came, she gave us breakfast and told us not to drink on an empty stomach
She would give it to them and they would sell it to Jessie, who would buy it for the money. Then
The drunkards think they buy us candy to please us and call it home
They leave us in the lurch, the father of the devil in his infant son
I don’t believe in her father, even though she is dancing. ”
She sighed
“Hahaha … you’re right ….. I’m sorry …” Michael said nothing more
He turned around and walked home.
“Listen … you … the man,” said Serkalem, bowing her head
By extracting. Michael turned and smiled at her.
“My name is beautiful and the name of the messenger of the Creator, even if you call him, you will not be ashamed.”
Call OK “
“I called you, I didn’t call you, I didn’t pay for it … I’ll tell you why.”
Leave what you are looking for when you come looking for me. ”
And when he heard it, he fell on his face.
“I can’t even see you … but I watched you with something
…… Why don’t you speak openly, just say hello, you love me, shut up
“I love you, you won’t see me,” he said, and went through the door
When he closed it, peace followed him angrily.
“What did you say, you dreamer … I thought I was going to love you ….
“You’re a bitch … you’re so brave …” she slammed the door with her hand
She left.
He doesn’t like to wear fancy things, he doesn’t fix his hair and beard but his pocket is silver
No one is as happy as a rich man. It doesn’t matter if the money is high or low
If he gets his daily expenses for the food and drink, the creator of tomorrow will end up on his own
He thinks it will pave the way. Now about these for a while
He doesn’t care about the costs, but because of the fragrance and the peace, both are surprising
Let them do it for themselves, not for themselves.
With a fist in his hand, he smashed the soft cigar and food
T-shirt and Tuta Suri Argule put the silver Tuta pocket you sent in your pocket
Silver appears in front. Magda was behind him, and she was next to him
She greeted him warmly and he greeted her warmly
When she looked down, she was shocked to see the silver in her pocket and
She thought for a moment and said, “You should hug me and say hello.”
She finally let out a sigh of relief as she hugged him and kissed him
After waiting for a minute, she let him go. She reached the door of her house, opened the door, and turned around
You are watching him.
“But you’re not proud. Okay, you’re not proud of yourself
She grabbed the door and went inside
Koster said
“Is it me?” He said, looking at her.
“Yeah, it’s you … I don’t care if you’re small, I’ll add you.”
He hurriedly closed the door behind her.
Hebron greeted Michael and sat on the mattress and talked a little about Magda
He told her that he had given her the silver, and when he put it in his pocket to show it to him, he lost it
He didn’t want his pocket. He was screaming. He was confused. He wondered where he had thrown it
“Yeah, she’s … I’m going to hurt her … I’m going to hurt her,” Michael said
He laughed.

“Who is she?” Michael could not control his laughter.
“This is Ajuza ……… Don’t laugh at your mother too ……. I’m burnt to myself
You’ll never make me laugh. “
“A little silver?”
“You’re kidding me, like you sent 6,000 out of a few hundred, this one silver.”
If a civil servant spends a month, he will not be paid that much
Surprisingly, she took all the money and insulted me
Graduation is here … I have lost my insults.
That night, Michael said he would not leave the man’s house in the evening, and he was smoking a cigarette
It was dark as if he had been smoking an unusually fast cigarette
The sun was replaced. When Michael came out in the morning, he seemed to be asleep, and he
A few minutes after he left, he changed his nightgown and washed his face like a sleeping man
“I’m harassing her … I’m harassing her today … !!” he said to open the door
As he walked toward the door, his heart pounded and he was terrified.
“Is my hero a door to my head? ….. This is not going to happen,” he said
He boldly opened the door.
The song “….. I’m the one who tried it …” was raised.
The song was sung by Magda’s house. The door swung open. By force
He sighed, rubbed his face with the palms of his hands, and walked slowly toward the door
He stood up and looked in. He was shocked by what he saw. His eyes widened and he opened his mouth wide
Her heart rate soared that she had to take off her clothes.
“Ehh … I’m the one who tried it. Which way are we going to try it now?”
He must open his mouth and open his mouth to speak, either by what he sees or by what he says
He tried to wet it with his tongue, but his tongue was dry and he ordered his body
He could not remain in the statue.
Hours later, in the morning sun, the food for the body
The afternoon sun has changed. Where Michael always comes
He brought a small taxi and paid the driver’s bill with food in one hand
Festal grabbed the other stick and slowly climbed the stairs to the corridor
When he goes home …..
“Ga … gashe mi …… ki” said Mita as she spread out the door of the Magda’s house
She fell and the blood from her head fell to the ground.
“I’m going to die … Doctor … Home … Decided ….?” She couldn’t force her voice
After she spoke in broken Amharic, she closed her eyes before she could finish
Closed. Michael dropped his food and stick and went to where she had fallen and bled
No one in the house touched him, screaming and asking him what had happened
He cried out for help.

“I’m telling you, your heart is still pounding like a ball
Did you leave? ”Magda said, her eyes wide and silent
You look at Hebron and then the latte on the table
She climbed up. He was sweating profusely, as if he had been drenched in water
He wipes it repeatedly with his T-shirt but his body immediately acts as a source
It springs up. He thought about how she would be in the house.
Magda bows down in a pair of shorts and shorts
As she waved, her hips swelled with song. You are very thin
She’s wearing a T-shirt, and she’s wearing it
A small snout with a snout hanging from her breast
He was staring at her beautiful tongues
He froze and dried it, soaked it in sweat and left it where it stood.
Magda knew he was seeing her and wanted to see her better. “….. I am
Without … I am … without. ”She sings along with the song. I wonder why
She doesn’t understand whether you love him or not
She does not understand that she is trying to see him and to show him what she has.
Just when the song is over, she bends over and jumps up and down on her forehead
Her face was short because she pretended to pick up her hair that was stuck because of sweat
When the t-shirt lifted her hand and showed it to him, she sniffed at him
He made a noise in his throat.
“Are you coming to see me?” Magda said, “What you see now.”
Apparently, he did not answer. Then she walked over to him and said hello
She kissed him and he went straight to his house without saying a word
He called and saw her about to close the door
“Kebu, please invite me to latte,” she said, without answering
Shut it up.
“What are you talking about? Uh, talk to me, Kebu,” said Magda.
He turned away from the idea of ​​going to Hebron. Without answering her
The phone rang
Michael, the most beautiful and beautiful, with a lot of sweat, energy, money
Today, a two-story house has become the home of peace and her lover. The horizon
He was lying on his back in his nightgown, waiting for peace
Unexpectedly, she took a shower and came to the nightgown so beautiful
His sexual urges shook his body. He came near her
He didn’t wait for her to lie down next to him. He took off his clothes and jumped out at night
He didn’t give her time to take off her clothes, he tore her from his body and he
He hoped for her.
Michael is sitting on a chair in the hallway of a private hotel.
He heard a very fast woman.
“How can I withstand this missile of insults,” said Michael
“Listen, are you stupid? Didn’t I tell you not to come near my son?”
“Now go,” said Serkalem angrily.
“Okay, I’ll go … but let me hear the result once,” she said in a moment of silence
After a smile.
“Why are you married? Go and hear the result,” she said angrily.
When Michael told her in a firm voice that she would leave if she didn’t tell him
She agreed and saw his departure and went to the doctor’s office and greeted him
She asked about her daughter’s serious health condition
Serkalem was shocked.
“Doctor, where are I going to get the money?” She said, fainting.

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