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Please tell me my weakness

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Tell me my weakness

Tell me my weakness

Have people ever said, “Tell me my weakness”? Don’t be humiliated like me! Let me recommend you.

Years ago, a friend of mine took care of us if we didn’t stay home and play. I agreed and went home. We were both immature children.

Even he and I were so introverted that we did not even know how to give advice to others. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.

An old spiritual man says, ‘He who speaks without counsel is like a man who curses.’ But we are all-wise, all-wise, all-wise, all-wise, all-wise, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing.

When we know the soul, we raise the issue and observe ourselves.

So my roommate said, ‘Tell me what you think of me?’ I said, ‘There is no weakness that you can’t see,’ but my face said that the question was appealing to me.

He seemed to understand and said, “You don’t care, you just want to learn and change.”

I’m not challenged much now. ‘I don’t even see many weaknesses; But if you tell me a little something … ‘

How nice to talk about human weakness, please! How can I let go of my criticism when I say one thing and I remember the other, when I add that? The weaknesses that I mentioned were small.

Somehow, when I looked back, my friend’s face looked like a tomato. The roots of the forehead are constricted. The comment states that his gut is sore.

‘I mean,’ he said sadly, ‘if you have all this trouble with me, why did you come to stay at my house?’ I was shocked, I lost my temper.

If I tried to refute what I said, if I tried to mention the trivial things that I would say about his strengths, he would not be able to do so. Unable to pretend to be a child, he disliked spending time with me and moved on to another room.

If I had left, I would not have hated going home. Their neighborhood is home to a large number of homeless dogs.

If I try to get out, the dogs may share a piece of metal with me. That night I went out of my way to say good-bye. We laugh heartily as we remember that experience with my friend.

የእርሱ Although his laughter is not as long as mine} Now that I think about it, all the weaknesses I have in him are doubled against me.

That night I took practical lessons. When people ask you to tell me my weaknesses, don’t tell them everything you think is true.

The Norwegians would say to someone who told me, ‘Tell me what you think is my weakness,’ and they would comment on what the person said. This is to measure the person’s ability to hear criticism.

The author asks you to review my article and comment on it, and if you like the article well, they will put you on the ‘Anti-Development’ list.

So if you have a critique, start with a thank you. If people say no, thank you. They may not want to listen, but they do.

Gratitude precedes criticism Anesthesia precedes surgery.

Look at Christ rebuking Nicodemus: ‘Are you a teacher of the Jews and do you not know this?’ Criticism begins with the question, ‘Aren’t you an educated person?’

Scholars say that the Lord “rebuked Nicodemus.” Alemlmo Amogso will receive a respectful criticism.

“Praise be to God for his victory,” said the wise man.
Criticism comes in the form of salty words.

Would it be better to say to a customer who has a shoe that is not one foot wide that the shoe is too tight? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? She says, ‘Your shoes are too tight.’

But if she says, “Your feet are big,” you are not going to do it again. The idea is different, but it makes a big difference.

I think the problem with most of us is that we don’t know the difference between criticism and constructive feedback.

This problem is especially acute in our country. And he will crush you, so that you will not be saved. He just wants you to thank him as a compliment, even if they see you comment.

The solution is to give the listener a careful, loving, respectful comment, and the listener to open his heart wide.

    Of course, no one who despises you when you praise him will be destroyed. "Oh, I thought I was an adult," she said. If that's the case for me, it's just an ordinary person.

It is a little similar to what you call Marx Syndrome. American comedian Grucho Marx was a critic of his work.

“I do not want to join any club that would accept me as a member,” he said.

Because of the low self-esteem of such a person, those who accept him may feel worthless. A person with such a problem may look down on those who encourage him because of his lack of self-confidence.

On the other hand, there are those who honor those who despise them. For the rest of his life, there are many people who fear and respect the work of his people, who sit idly by in the distance and shout, ‘What is this?’

There are many people who talk to him with a smile and a respectful attitude, but he is often ridiculed and ridiculed.

There are some people who have decided to be bad, to think that it is not right to be good to others.

Disrespectful and abusive people play an important role in the lives of those who honor them more than they do.

Deacon Enoch Haile
Written in December 2012

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