March 1, 2021



Poem For Wounded and captive soldiers of Tigray!

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Poem For Wounded and captive soldiers of Tigray!

Poem For Wounded and captive soldiers of Tigray!

Poem For Wounded and captive soldiers of Tigray!
Poem For Wounded and captive soldiers of Tigray!

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his sorrow over the identity-based attacks on Ethiopians.

In a statement posted on his social media page, the prime minister said the government would use all available means to alleviate the problem, adding that security forces were deployed in the area and were taking action.

He further said that the government will work hard to ensure the safety of our people.

Ethiopia’s enemies: “Either we will rule or there will be no country,” he said, recalling that one of his goals was to break the morale of our people.

They say the tactic they are using is to recruit and train strangers, and to carry out identity-based barbaric attacks.

He said the government has been collecting information on possible wrongdoings in various areas, but noted that the past has not been able to close all the gaps left by the previous regime.

He said the forces were committing atrocities against the people with the cooperation of foreign exporters and unscrupulous individuals in the government structure. He said the situation was heartbreaking as a leader and a citizen.

“But this does not make us backward from our path, from our goal to another. It does not cause us to give up, to give up, to give up. It is to mobilize our strength more than ever,” he said.

People, political parties, security forces, academics and others. He called on the government to take action to address the root causes of the problem.

Lake Tana and other water bodies development agencies announced that three kebeles have been free of weeds in the past 15 days during a month-long campaign to eradicate weeds from Lake Tana.
In addition to the three kebeles that have been cleared of weeds, the campaign is being completed in 12 kebeles.
He noted that part of Lake Tana is covered by 4,300 hectares and that it will work to eradicate 90 percent of it in one month.
About 80,000 farmers and locals are participating in the campaign so far.
It is also said that the weed eradication campaign is largely man-made.
Dr. Tanalew Wonde, Director General of Lake Tana and other water bodies development and conservation agencies, as well as other senior federal officials were present at today’s campaign.
It is also mentioned that the lack of access to the area is one of the major challenges.

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