September 23, 2021



Scorpion & The scorpions !!!

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Scorpion & The scorpions !!!

Scorpion & The scorpions !!!

Many times when I heard the word scorpion, I paid little attention to it, but today the scorpion taught me a great lesson. What compelled me to say this is a short story from the beginning of today’s article. This is the story.

An elder saw a scorpion drowning and wanted to save it. Then they stretched out their hands to get the scorpion out of the water, and the scorpion stung them, and they let go, and the scorpion came back into the water.

When the old man saw the scorpion drowning, they reached out to help him again. The scorpion bit him again and he fell into the water.

Someone who was watching this scene of the old man approached the old man and said, “This is an evil creature. The scorpion is hurting to save him.”

The old man replied, “The nature of the scorpion is stinging, and my nature is to help and help, so I will not stop helping the scorpion, but I will correct my understanding.”

We are like that. When we go to help people, many scorpions bite us. When we go to do good, there are many obstacles. But we will not be bitten by the scorpion, we will not be hit by the obstacle, how can we stop being kind ???

You and I are all kind and good when all the people on earth are created. But it is not nature that makes a person evil, but bad things.

That’s why we were designed with these scorpions, so we began to look at it with a different eye, skeptical about doing good.

If we were to spend the rest of our day in this way, we would have to find a way to avoid being overwhelmed by scorpions and to do good.

By the way, we think that doing good to others is not just about money.

But if you do good, do not hesitate to save even the scorpion

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