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SEKELA – The Birth Place Of Nile!

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SEKELA - The Birth Place Of Nile! Welcome to the land of Edom in peace. The ancient name of Shelah is Edom. Adam was created from the earth by his father. T
SEKELA - The Birth Place Of Nile!

SEKELA - The Birth Place Of Nile!

Who is Sekela? The land of Edom …

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  • Welcome to the land of Edom in peace. The ancient name of Shelah is Edom. It is located in the Garden of Eden, east of Edom.

One of the four desires for watering Paradise is Gion. Gion originated in Edom or Sekela and traveled around Ethiopia seven times (Genesis 2: 1-13).

  • Adam was created from the earth by his father. The soil from which he was created is called the “hidden soil.” The place where he was created is called Elda.

Elda is a short distance from Gion. Adam was 30 years old when he was created on Elda, and on the 40th day he was taken to the Garden of Eden, east of Edom.

  • There are glittering pearls and glittering pearls around Genesis Gion. Scientific studies are uncovering this site in the western part of Gojjam.

The Fazogli gold mine was engulfed in sand as he marched through Begemder with 100,000 troops to control King Degnaja. Emperor Caleb guarded him.

Damot, the southern kingdom of Damot, also traveled north to control the gold mines and the Golden Road.

  • Adam lived on earth for 930 years after being expelled from Paradise in his seventh year. He was buried in a place called Horeb. There are many places called Horeb in Ethiopia.

Historically, it is located in Amhara Saint. There is compelling evidence that it was the home of Jethro.

  • It originates in a forested swamp called Gish in Sekela (Edom). Mount Gish rises 2,800 feet.

Gion is also the source of the name in Sekela (Edom).

  • There is a monastery of the righteous Abune Zer Abruk on Gish. Abune Zera Banduk went to Gondar, covered his books with cloth and hid them in the Nile.

Seven years later, they returned to the site to find their books. They swam out without moisture. Show them, “Father, see this miracle.”

After this, the name of the place was changed to Gish Abay, which is blessed and sanctified by the river that flows from paradise to the world. Fathers also explain that water is a special secret.

  • With this kind of Gish Nile, the cliff rises like a small spring from the top of the water, and as soon as Sekela (Edom) descends a little, a storm crosses the Gilgel Nile bridge and spreads over the Tana and flows down into the smoke Nile; Via Dejen to Khartoum, Sudan; Egypt joins the Mediterranean Sea.
  • In connection with:
  1. Noah, his sons, his wife, and his sons’ wives were all saved from the flood. Noah’s ark landed on Mount Ararat on the 27th day of the 7th month. When Noah’s ark landed, it was named Lubar. Mount Ararat is also located in Tana. Noah lived in a vineyard near the ark, where the ark rested. He lived for 350 years after the Flood.

He later settled in Entella, Iwarka, Shille, and Aikel, where his wife, Aunt Aikel, died.

  1. After the rest of my aunt Aikel, Noah lived in Gondar for a long time praising the Creator. In 950 BC, when Noah died, he was buried in Gondar.

A fountain was dug in the tomb and he healed many people.

  1. Of the 7 mammals in Noah’s ark that are not found anywhere else in the world or on any other planet, such as walnuts, red foxes, cheetahs, and 13 birds, they are located on Mount Ras Dejen, 4,020 meters above sea level in Ethiopia. Mount Dejen is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1970.
  2. Moses learned the art of leadership from the High Priest Jethro (Raguel) of Amhara. Messe first came to Ethiopia and settled in Midian, in the ancient province of Gemder. Midian is a place in what is today known as Medgiim in Amhara Saint.

Sheep farming is common in the land of Midian (Begemder).

It was called Gemder as far as Tadbaba Mariam. Historically, it is called “Wazamhara, etc. Gemder.”

  1. The Levitical priests, led by the first Patriarch Azariah of Israel, came to Amhara Saint, two thousand five hundred of the twelve thousand tribes of Israel who came to Ethiopia following the Ark of Zion, including the nephew of the psalmist David.

High Priest Azariah served as the High Priest of Tana Kirkos. To this day, a rectangular stone with a mortar at the top is a living example of this.

  1. The Ark of the Covenant given to Moses at the Monastery of Tana Kirkos lived for 800 years.

When the Virgin Mary returned from her stay in the monastery, the “sun and clouds” became the basis for the lake’s current name, “Tana.”

  1. St. Jared wrote his first hymn book and chose Tana Kirkos to perform many tasks.

When he wrote a book, there were stone pits, which he used to grind black and red, and St. Jared’s dungeon and robe.

  1. The Gemade Cross is located in Bete Amhara Gishe. It was Emperor David I, who founded the city of flight or Addis Ababa through Sinar, North Gondar, Egypt.
  2. St. Uriel sprinkled the blood of the Lord on the north shore of Mount Shoa.
    The sword of St. George the Martyr has disappeared, St. George has rested, the footprint of St. George’s horse is located on this Cyprus mountain.
  • Appropriate with this information
  1. Edom
  2. Gion
  3. Adam
  4. Noah
  5. Mount Ararat
  6. Tana
  7. Tana Kirkos
  8. Emete Aikel Chilga)
  9. Fasildes (Noah’s tomb)
  10. Gishen (the crucifix
  11. Bete Amhara (Saint)
  12. Menz (the valley of the valley) and other sacred places should be carefully studied.
    The history of the world will surely be reversed. All eyes will be on Gion.

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