April 11, 2021



The 4 CVD-19 vaccines that are proposed to be true

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Coronavirus Vaccine Race

Coronavirus Vaccine Race

Coronavirus Vaccine Race!

At a time when the world is desperately looking for a vaccine for CVD-19, more than a hundred candidates are being vaccinated in various institutions around the world. Of these, more than 20 have been tested in clinical trials.

Even a few days ago, two candidates gave their incomplete results after their first and second tests; The vaccines have also shown that they do not cause serious health problems. The fact that they are able to stimulate the immune system does not mean that vaccines can protect against the virus. This is well known in experiments on humans.

Vaccines currently being developed are based on different vaccination technologies. Some of these have shown proven results. Vaccines are being tested in different laboratories and participating populations, and their experimental methods are different from each other. However, the ones that have traveled the best distance so far are as follows.

Oxford / AstraZeneca

Many of us have heard a lot about the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Astrazenica. The British government has also ordered the production of 100 million vaccines. The vaccine is based on the chimp adenovirus, a pathogen that causes a variety of diseases, but is a viral vector. This allows genetic sequences to play a key role in the virus’s ability to attack cells. The July 13 preliminary report released the first and second tests, which showed that the vaccine, known as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, stimulated the immune system and had no side effects. It is now in its third phase in Brazil and South Africa. Evidence suggests that the vaccine stimulates T cells and antibodies. T cells are white blood cells that block the spread of the virus by helping B cells to develop immunity and kill infected cells.


The second vaccine trial in China, known as the Covide-19 vaccine, was launched on the day of the Oxford vaccine report. At the same time, it has been reported that this vaccine can stimulate immunity and be safe to use.

The carcinogen vaccine developed by the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, like the Oxford vaccine, spreads the tip of the protein. However, it is also caused by the flu virus. This can affect the body’s immune system, as the virus can be transmitted through humans. In the meantime, the vaccine has been licensed by the Chinese military.


Moder, an American company, is one of the leading manufacturers of RNA-based vaccines. This new type of vaccine involves the production of RNA (a genetic guide that tells cells how to make a protein). In the process, it stimulates the body’s immune system to stimulate the production of protein. The July 7 incomplete report indicates that the vaccine has been able to activate the immune system without causing serious side effects. The third round of tests began on Monday.

One of the benefits of making a vaccine using the RNA method is that the body itself produces the vaccine and does not want to make too many inputs. This is expected to ease the production process. On the other hand, no RNA vaccine has been approved before.

Other companies are using this method to produce the vaccine, including companies that have reached a supply agreement.


CoronaVac, a vaccine developed by Beijing China-based Sinovak Biotech, uses an old-fashioned vaccination system; It is a vaccine that kills or inactivates viral particles. However, the immune system can detect and develop the virus, so that the person who receives the vaccine will not be harmed if he or she is exposed to the virus. The primary and secondary results of this vaccine, according to the incomplete report, show that it activates the immune system and does not cause significant damage. The vaccine is in its third phase in Brazil.

One of the advantages of this method is that it has been tested in the past and has been used for facilities such as polio vaccines, and there is a wide range of production infrastructure. On the other hand, the large number of inputs required to grow rapidly, making it difficult to grow as fast as other viruses, and the fact that our epidemic does not take time, making it difficult to reach the desired time and place. Another Chinese institution is developing a vaccine using this method, and is conducting a third-level test in Abu Dhabi.

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