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The Brave And Country Loving His Holiness Abune Petros!

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His Holiness Abune Petros

His Holiness Abune Petros

In order to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to him by His Holiness Abune Petros, the church has been supporting and encouraging the people through their prayers. The brutal Italian fascist crossed the sea claiming to be an invading army to invade our country. You can listen to their short heroic story below in the video clip.

The Holy Church was directly attacked by invaders, and its scholars, monasteries, churches, and shrines were massacred and burned by invading Italian forces. Happily, they saw this atrocity on the Holy Church, which they had nurtured, and decided to join the Ethiopian patriotic forces in prayer.

ሰማዕቱ ብፁዕ አቡነ ጴጥሮስ [ኤፍሬም እሸቴ] | EthioReference

A short history of heroism of His Holiness Abune Petros for DreTube
First, His Majesty the Emperor followed His Majesty when he went to Maychew to encourage a patriotic fighter against the brutal fascist army in the north of the country. However, both the king and his entourage joined the army and soon the enemy’s army launched a massive poisoning operation, causing the Ethiopian army to retreat. As a result, when the king returned to Addis Ababa, his happiness returned. It is said that the role of the king, who refused to die here, was not easy for him to return to Ethiopia with other patriarchs.

However, those who were deeply saddened by the enemy’s aggression refused to stay in Addis Ababa. Gathered in the Great Monastery of Lebanon, they went to the fathers and patriots who were praying for the God of the Church to alleviate the suffering of the Ethiopians, preaching that it was a sacred duty to die for the country and freedom, and urged all to fight. Although he did not win, the patriots who were inspired by his preaching came to Addis Ababa and fought the enemy. This time their happiness was with them.

It is said that the reason for the failure of the Patriotic Army to come to Addis Ababa was the lack of information exchange. The patriotic army, known as the “Salale Patriots”, led by Abera Kassa, who was fortified in the forests of Lebanon, moved in unison with the patriotic army on the west side of Dejazmach Fikre Mariam, led by Dejazmach Balcha Abba Nefso. He talks about stabbing Graziani, who is sitting on a chair. However, under the terms of the agreement, all three forces moved to Addis Ababa as a battalion. The first to arrive through Kotebe was Dejazmach Fikre Mariam’s army. When the army reached Ka Michael, he was defeated and returned. When the enemy army returned to Addis Ababa where the Dejazmach Fikre Mariam army had arrived, the Dejazmach Balcha army arrived at the railway station. He struck him and returned. Eventually, Dejazmach’s army came through Entoto. He was struck by the enemy and returned.

When all three forces returned unharmed, Abune Petros, an enemy of the Salale Patriots, refused to leave Addis Ababa, the epicenter of the massacre. He therefore said: “If I can, I will incite the people who are watching the atrocities against the Ethiopians from afar; If not, I will die here. ”

However, among the many gangs deployed by the enemy throughout the city, they could not move as they wished. Finally, I do not want to hide in this city; On July 22, 1928, he surrendered to his Italian superiors, saying that he would not return to the countryside. He immediately handed them over to Graziani.

From the day they surrendered to the day they were martyred by the enemy, they were sentenced to death by firing squad on June 15, 1936, in Addis Ababa. He wrote the following in the way he saw and saw the murder

On July 22, 1928, Abune Petros was arrested and brought to Graziani. Abune Kerlos told Graziani, “You must not do anything against Abune Petros without informing the Council of Patriarchs of Alexandria.” Because Abune Kerlos says, “Abune Petros is a great man. Basically, they shouldn’t have been arrested. If they are caught, you can fight them. But you should not do anything about it without informing the Council of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. ”

It is clear that Abune Kerlos intended to reach out to the world diplomatically and to save Abune Peter’s life. But Graziani ordered the execution of Abune Petros within half a day before he could even be heard outside of Addis Ababa, Egypt. In fact, although they did not escape execution, it is said that they were fortunate enough to go to Abu Teklehaimanot (Addis Tekle) and other scholars and go to Abune Petros in the morning.

His Holiness Abune Petros was tall, handsome, handsome, intelligent, and humble.
In this case, His Holiness Abune Petros appeared in court. Three judges were appointed, all of whom were Italian military officers. The middle judge was a colonel. The charges against them were provocative, self-defeating, and provocative. The judge said: “Why did you rebel when both the priests and the ecclesiastical authorities accepted the rule of the Italian government and said Amen? Why are you alone? ” He asked.

Abune Petros replied: “Abune Kerlos is an Egyptian; They don’t care about Ethiopia and Ethiopians. But I am Ethiopian. I am a responsible church father. So I care about my country and my church. Other than that, I have nothing to present to you. I speak only to my Creator. I know you decided to kill me. So do whatever you want with me. But don’t touch my followers. ”

“He said this to the people who were invited to witness the shooting:” The pagan fascist regime came to burn down the church, to kill the people, to destroy the religion, to destroy our history, but do not submit to this tyrant. Defend your beloved country, your daily religion. If your freedom is defiled and your name is sanctified, you will receive great glory. I condemn the Ethiopian people not to submit to this enemy; May the land of Ethiopia be cursed if you accept the enemy. Be submissive in the name of my Creator, Jesus Christ. ”

The journalist continues.

“This bishop was honest. But the interpreter who came to Gassion in Italy did not interpret the pope’s honest speech, but only what the judges said. I even heard that Mandrakos, a Greek national who had been the head of the Empress Hotel in Addis Ababa for 30 years, was sitting next to me and he explained everything to me. “I heard that the Italians and the obedient people of Addis Ababa would have been touched if they had heard their honest words.”

However, the interpreter was influenced by the pope and his true speech was not revealed. Then, as they blessed their trial, they took out their crosses and prayed, blessing the people. As soon as the verdict was announced, the people were ordered to raise their hands in Italian salute. At that moment, Abune Petros realized that his hour of death had come and took his watch out of his pocket. It was 5:15. All this time they were not afraid. But the Italian judge, who was reading the verdict, was shocked. There was great fear on his face.

Blessed Abune Petros, who had just been sentenced to death, stood in front of the courtroom for several hours and was too tired to sit down and asked the judge politely and with a smile. He allowed them to sit down. Finally, after the death sentence was read, they prayed for the judges who judged them and blessed them on the cross. Their happiness was not a sign of fear and panic until the end of the day, but their sincere determination.

When this true bishop, whose country was invaded by the enemy, killed and imprisoned by his people, and raped by his church, was taken to be killed, a bullet was fired and no one was harmed. Not far away, a tower was found 10 meters away from the courthouse and they were taken there. One of the killers asked, “Do you want to cover your face?” He asked. “This is your job,” they replied happily. As soon as they reached the place of execution, a chair was provided for them and they turned their faces towards the wall and sat down towards the people.

After that, eight soldiers knelt twenty steps behind them and stood guard. The commander immediately ordered, “Shoot,” and all eight fired. But they survived with eight bullets. A doctor was called to confirm whether they were dead or not. The doctor confirmed that they were not dead. Then another soldier shot them in the head with three pistols. Happily, they were killed in the middle of Addis Ababa, where their monument stands today.

“His body was immediately buried in a secret place outside of Addis Ababa so that no one could take it. There was weeping and wailing in every house in Addis Ababa that night. ”

The testimony of this journalist is a testament to the patriotism of our Holy Father Abune Petros and the patience and heroism of the Ethiopian people.

Concerning the corpse of their bliss, some of our church fathers say that the holy angels brought the corpse of the righteous and placed it in the cave of Abune Melkizedek (North Shoa), where it is said that the corpse will not be destroyed.

Also, author and journalist Paul Ngoni asked, “How did Abune Petros die?” Ask Moses Pilac, and he says:

“I was there the day Abune Petros was killed. First, they saluted the Bible they were holding. Then they sealed the cross and blessed the people. They took out their watch and put it back in their pocket. The soldiers immediately shot and killed them. When this happened, the colonel ordered the audience to clap and applaud.

When we met the cowardly colonel at night:

“The people are happy with the killing of this priest,” he said. “how?” “You didn’t see him clapping,” he said. I said, “You don’t know it, but the culture of the people applauds when it gets angry.” “how?” I clapped my hands and showed it to him. He showed me. He showed me the cross and the Bible, the pocket watch they were carrying when Abune Petros was killed, saying, “I have a big note after this.” The Bible was shot in the middle. The cross came out just right in the middle. As I saw in their pocket watch, they also lost a bullet, ”he said.

It is said that the reason for the martyrdom of Blessed Abune Petros, which is to testify to his country and his faith until the last hour, is the word he received from his poetic teacher as a child. One day, their teacher, who was supposed to be the head of the baptismal font, called them blessed.

“Hailemariam, you will be a bishop in the future. At that time, savages will rule in this country. Then you will be martyred without sacrificing your life. Martyrdom is your part. Entrust ”

It is said that they told them. Blessed are those who hold fast to their Master’s word of promise, and are able to receive their martyrdom in the manner described above without fear for their lives. On July 16, 1938, a monument was erected in the heart of Addis Ababa to commemorate the success of our country after the victory of the enemy. After the victory, Abune Isaac, one of the patriarchs who was ordained with him in 1921, was one of the founding fathers of the church when the monument was inaugurated. Every generation is paid for the dignity and freedom of the country. All Ethiopians will honor the statue, which is dedicated to the life of the Blessed One and to be a living witness.

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