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The doctor behind Covd-19 cure claim – Stella Immanuel

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Controversial doctor who claims to have cured 350 patients from Covd-19

Controversial doctor who claims to have cured 350 patients from Covd-19

Controversial doctor who claims to have cured 350 patients from Covd-19

A video of Dr. Stella Emmanuel telling experts that she has cured 350 coronavirus patients with controversial malaria treatment has been shown to millions of people around the world who are worried about the epidemic.

President Trump has repeatedly spoken out about the drug’s cure, but it has also received criticism from medical professionals as well as criticism.

The doctor, who now shares his position, was overjoyed when she spoke publicly about the medicine. So Dr. Stella Emmanuel is praised by Trump.

“You’re ignoring hydroxyloroquine because I said it was good,” said Donald Trump.

How effective can malaria treatment be for coronavirus?
Not without reason. Donald Trump is a “healer” who has been criticized for his anti-inflammatory drugs.

Hydroxychloroquine is usually given to people with malaria.

But Donald Trump says it could be a coronavirus. “I read a lot about this medicine yesterday. It has no cure. Believe me, I always like to criticize what I say,” he told reporters.

Donald Trump shared a video of Dr. Stella’s testimony to the cure for cholera virus, sung by this Cameroonian doctor, on Facebook and Twitter. This is because it contains false information and misleads people.

Before the video was posted on Facebook, Trump’s eldest son shared it with millions of people around the world. It was only after this that Dr. Cetela became famous.

Who is Dr. Stella Emmanuel?

Dr. Stella was born in Cameroon. She now lives in Houston, Texas, USA.

“She is a wonderful doctor,” Donald Trump said of Dr. Stella.

“She has said she has healed hundreds of patients. Her words are true, but I don’t know her personally,” Trump said.

Dr. Stella Emmanuel is not only a doctor but also a Protestant pastor. Last Monday, she was standing on the steps of the Supreme Court of the United States in a public sermon. That video was published on a website run by white extremists.

Malaria is killing rather than curing patients with CV-19
Malaria treatment is to be tried for the treatment of covad-19
In her sermon, Dr. Stella praised the American drug for its anti-malarial properties.

“Anyone can be cured of covad-19. This virus has a cure. The drug is called hydroxychloroquine. I have cured 350 people alone. No one has died,” said Dr. Stella.

This testimony was in response to Donald Trump’s wedding.

Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he is a healer of hydroxyloric acid and that he took it for two weeks.

However, neither the World Health Organization nor government officials have commented on the efficacy of the drug. In fact, they say, it is important to be careful because it can increase the risk of heart disease.

But Dr. Stella, this drug does not cause any side effects; “Doesn’t a lot of people in Cameroon take it when they get malaria?” She says.

Preacher Dr.

Born in Cameroon in 1965, Dr. Stella Emmanuel studied medicine at the University of Calabar, Nigeria. The Texas Medical Board has confirmed that Dr. Stella has a medical license.

Alongside the treatment is Dr. Stella Pastor. She established a church in Houston Fire Power Ministry.

Her sermons are widely available on YouTube.

But what she said five years ago did not sound like a doctor. They are shocking.

Donald Trump’s drug “does not cure coronation”
The drug that targeted Donald Trump with India
For example, in one of her videos, she says, “Scientists are taking new DNA samples from ghosts. The main purpose of the vaccine is to keep people from having a religion.”

Dr. Stella says that spirits and devils are responsible for the chaos that is taking place in the world, and that it will only make things worse in the future.

Jesus is about to shut down Facebook

In a video that caught the attention of the world media on Tuesday, Dr. Stella was seen asking people she had healed from Covide-19 to come to the stage.

“If you don’t testify, people will insult us,” she said, urging people she described to be online to express themselves.

Her Twitter message was shared by 27,000 people and viewed by millions.

Dr. Stella became angry after a video shared by Donald Trump with the American Frontline Doctors on Facebook was falsified. She said.

“If Facebook does not return my video immediately, the Lord Jesus Christ will tell me to destroy my Facebook server.”

But Facebook has not re-posted the video; The server is still idle.

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