July 24, 2021



The generals leading the TPLF were identified

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Debretsion Gebremichael Residence

Debretsion Gebremichael Residence

Find an amazing cave at Debretsion Gebremichael Residence.

Find an amazing hole in the door
The generals leading the TPLF were identified

It is the only party in the world that leads the people and the country it hates.
Mustafa is the right kind of expression.
The death of the TPLF is the resurrection of the people of Tigray.
Victory for the people of Tigray and our defense forces.

Oh Dr. Abby, all his enemies were on his side. You can see how the Creator protects him

Get rid of those hashish that are still contagious

All of this crime and guilt has now begun to unravel

He had been kidnapped and trapped, and one day he was supposed to agree.

Is there a lot of axes for a fallen tree?

Tadesse Worede The vocalist divorced Girma from her legal husband, my own brother.

If the government wants to recover the people’s property from the TPLF, pay check list for inter pole

It can be handed over to the government in each country where their source of income can be checked and property confiscated

Do you still see the secret side of the case?

Goodbye Sedi Ale Gishi Geleta learn his soul !!!!!

These peers will never consume the wealth they have plundered abroad in Ethiopia.

The world is being closely monitored for looting these treacherous dogs.
Although he was defeated by the Truth, he could not be considered a hero because Isaiah's army was more than half full

He is fighting with the Ethiopian army and the Ethiopian army on Eritrean soil

He is using it as a backbone. No scheduled war. How many hours will the king give them?

Endless War! Take note!

Do not tell your wife anything that does not seem right.

Two years after their eviction, their home was searched. 

Fables are myths.

The fallen tree has many axes. To my surprise, the TPLF officials told me that they knew the secret and that they did not see the value in the media.

What is needed now is the mafia members' wives, cousins ​​…

Talking to a prostitute is just a rumor and nothing to do with the public.

Instead, he uprooted the hidden terrorists in every village, pretending to be a crazy beggar monk who could pose a threat to the people.

Secrets to Exposing It is important to educate the public on how to take precautions by exposing the TPLF.

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