June 12, 2021



“The hospital window” – Amazing Story!

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The hospital window

The hospital window

“The hospital window”

Two people are sleeping in a hospital room. Both became seriously ill and were seized by God. One is allowed to sit on the bed for several hours in order to drain the water from the lungs.

The bed is located next to the only window in the room. The other patient, on the other hand, sleeps on his back for hours. These patients have played a lot during their stay.

They talked about their families, their lives, their service in the military, where they spend their vacations … etc.

As the patient sits by the window, he looks out and explains everything to the person lying on his back.

“….. I can see a lake surrounded by beautiful trees, … ducks are swimming in the lake …… and children are playing with their paper boats on the shore …

Lovers embrace the flower with one hand and walk around the lake, … I can see a beautiful city beyond the lake … “Weeks passed.

One morning the nurse came to fetch water for bathing. The patient next to the window was not alive. She is shocked.

His friend was also sad. The nurse called for an ambulance.

The only patient asked if they could take the bed to the window. They took it. He is in a hurry to look out the window.

He looked up. Just outside the window is a painted white wall. Shocked !!! “what happens?” The nurse said.

“The man was looking through a lot of interesting things through this window,” she said. “She was blind,” she said.

“It’s heartbreaking … he cried so much. He was talking about creating all this to please him and give him the hope of life.”

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