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The problem created By Aboy Tsehaye

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The siege of Egypt and Ethiopia

The siege of Egypt and Ethiopia

The siege of Egypt and Ethiopia

Over a hundred years ago, Egypt, the source of more than 80 percent of the world’s longest river, Ethiopia, has been using various methods to weaken it.

His tactics range from direct assault to plotting to carry out subtle and complex plots.

Following the start of the construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam eight years ago, Egypt has been under increasing pressure.

For example, it is working to build a war zone in the name of diplomacy by establishing special relations with Ethiopia’s neighbors.

Two years ago, it signed agreements with countries to build military bases on Red Sea ports, particularly Assab and Djibouti.

Ethiopia has signed agreements with Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and other countries to facilitate its trade.

Following the agreement, Djibouti, which had previously been the sole port operator, remained silent.

Egypt has agreed with the Djibouti government to build a logistics center in Djibouti.

Despite various political plots to inflame internal politics and conflicts in Ethiopia, various reports are emerging that South Sudan and Uganda have devised new weakening strategies.

Egypt is in a fierce battle to integrate Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and Uganda, Ethiopia’s main partners.

President Yuri Museveni has repeatedly said that Uganda, which is unhappy with Ethiopia’s influence in South Sudan, is interested in working with Egypt.

Uganda is developing a framework for the Nile Basin, which Egypt and Sudan set foot on 10 years ago, and is working with Egypt to block the implementation of the Entebbe Agreement, which allowed the riparian countries to come to an agreement.
Egypt has said goodbye to Juba on the grounds that it will provide military support to the South Sudanese government.

The current leaders of South Sudan, Egypt and Uganda are conspiring to prevent Ethiopia from completing the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

A former Ugandan spy using the pseudonym James Moyes told The Reporter that he had obtained the document, South Sudan’s news agency reported.

In a three-page document, the Uganda Foreign Security Organization (ESO) said that Egypt, Uganda and South Sudan had plotted a major diplomatic and military campaign against Ethiopia.

According to the document, the three countries are working together to meet any of their needs in East Africa.

“Uganda is the number one friend of Egypt in my region,” says a former Ugandan spy. It is OK to befriend a sovereign nation; But it is very difficult to be friends with other countries, ”he said.

“That is why I was able to obtain this information in Kampala and pass it on to a South Sudanese news correspondent,” said spy James.

“I have been a spy for Uganda for many years, and most of my missions have been in East Africa,” said former Ugandan spy Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and South Sudanese President Salva Kiir. I know a lot about it, I have never experienced anything like this before my mission in East Africa, ”he said in the document.

The former spy accuses the three countries of being selfish, of not caring about the harm of another country other than their own interests.

“All three countries want their own interests. Al-Sisi wants their country to remain in control of the Nile. Uganda wants to keep Salva Kiir in power with the help of Egypt, and Salva Kiir’s future depends on Ugandan leader Museveni,” said James.

In the document, former spy James exposes methods designed by the three countries to prevent Ethiopia from completing the dam.

South Sudan and Uganda plan to help Egypt if Egypt is at war with Ethiopia.

Egypt is also accused of using clandestine means to send weapons to South Sudan.

Al-Sisi always provided weapons to Salva Kiir in two ways: One is pretending to be agricultural products and medicine, and the other is pretending to be Uganda.

Earlier, in July 2013, James Moyes, like the Europeans, exposed the secrets between Uganda and South Sudan, sparking a civil war in December 2013 that year.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Nebiyat Getachew told Ethio FM that Ethiopia is working to prevent diplomatic domination over the Renaissance Dam.

It is worth noting that Egypt is closely monitoring the construction of a logistics center on the port of Djibouti.

Egypt Ethiopia is undertaking more complex tactics to divert pressure from the Renaissance Dam.

Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan are expected to hold trilateral talks on the Renaissance Dam in Washington today, with the foreign ministers of the three countries heading to the venue.

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